Sweden: Åby 19.10.2023

V64 Jackpot
T64-1: The round starts with a series for 4-year-old mares.

  • 6 Shallow is the safe pick for top tip due to her consistent performance.
  • 11 Charming Lane would have been ranked higher with a better starting position.
  • 7 Ulla Rols is a contender based on her past wins.
  • 9 Kings Witch is consistent but often settles for placements rather than wins.
  • 1 Be My Baby and 3 Miss Jibe are also to be considered.
  • 4 Infinity Bellezza enters the race with a recent win but didn’t impress much.

Expected race progress: Several fast starters; Be My Baby might lead initially.

T64-2: In the second race, less experienced horses and drivers participate.

  • 2 Vivienne Tif has shown improvement after her break.
  • 10 Imperial Wine has had a positive start under André Eklundh’s training.
  • 4 Mangiapane is intriguing with a 6% preliminary chance.
  • 6 State Trooper is noteworthy due to his promising performances.
  • 12 Jasper Lee could be a surprise contender.
  • 7 Knock Boots Mearas is one to watch.

Expected race progress: Difficult to predict due to the lack of experience.


  • 5 Here’s Johnny Sox might be the leader due to his starting position.
  • 11 Jameson K.W. and 12 Marabou Bonanza have shown the best capacity among the horses in the race.
  • 10 U.S. Marines is an unpredictable contender.
  • 7 Coktail Cake has shown promise in recent races.
  • 9 Nightontheroad deserves attention.
  • 2 Bravo Trivial and 1 All The Way Cal would be surprising winners.

Expected race progress: Bravo Trivial or 4 Daniel S.H. might lead initially.

T64-4: The most significant prize money of the night is at stake in this race for 3-year-olds.

  • 10 Stens Rubin stands out as a top contender.
  • 2 Let Me In has been consistently winning but has high expectations.
  • 3 Ferrara is worth considering due to her past performances.
  • 4 Mack Love and 8 G.R. Torso can also be successful.
  • 1 Frida S.H. can be a potential dark horse.

Expected race progress: Let Me In is the probable leader, but several contenders can challenge her.


  • 7 Head Run is a leading contender and has a similar setup as in a previous successful race.
  • 2 Labyad Bros and 3 Kaxig In will be tough competitors.
  • 5 Hobart and 6 Grappa Boy have shown good form and deserve attention.
  • 1 Demir K.M.E. and 10 Let It Be V.P. can be surprise contenders.
  • 9 Game On Butcher is another horse to watch.

Expected race progress: Labyad Bros and Kaxig In might dominate the initial stages.


  • 1 Frankie Godiva is expected to lead throughout.
  • 8 Il Forte is the most interesting horse to watch.
  • 7 Game Brodde has potential but is unpredictable.
  • 2 D.J. Spritz and 3 Kyrie Eleison deserve early attention.
  • 9 Game On Butcher is consistent and can secure a good position.

Expected race progress: Frankie Godiva is the likely leader, but other horses can challenge.

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