Sweden: Örebro 21.10.2023

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Our pre race rankings for Örebro V75 races.


  • The top pick for the bronze division is horse number 4, Millmighty.
  • If driven well, Millmighty has a good chance of winning.
  • Horse number 6, Fat Rabbit, could also challenge for the lead.
  • Keep an eye on horse number 5, Kinky Boots, for a possible upset.
  • Horse number 7, Olga Utca, is also in good form.
  • Horse number 1, Raja Knight, might contend for a place.


  • The top choice for Klass II is horse number 8, Joint Chief.
  • Horse number 2, Luca di Quattro, is another strong contender.
  • Horse number 4, Victory H.H., has potential with the equipment change.
  • Don’t underestimate horse number 5, Funcio, especially with a strong driver.
  • Finnish-owned horse number 11, Valnes New Love, is worth considering.
  • Keep an eye on horses 7 and 3, Kluster and Rocky Brodde, for a possible surprise.
  • The pace at the start is challenging to predict.
  • Betting distribution suggests opportunities for value bets.


  • With Winterburn’s withdrawal, horse number 8, It’s Peppertime, is the clear favorite.
  • Horse number 5, Always Face, could benefit from the absence of competitors.
  • Horse number 10, Portofino, is another strong contender.
  • Horse number 3, Valmar E.W., has shown good form lately.
  • Consider horse number 7, Galliano Peak, as well.
  • Horse number 1, Northman Maxus, has potential.
  • It’s Peppertime is a deserved favorite, but Always Face is underrated.


  • The top picks in this race are horse number 14, Michigan Bro, and horse number 9, Star Cash.
  • Horse number 6, Sagittarius, is a good contender.
  • Horses 8 and 5, Västerbo Blizzard and Rapid Pal, also have chances.
  • The race’s pace will depend on the starting positions.
  • Star Cash and Sagittarius are underappreciated in the betting distribution.


  • The top pick for the silver division is horse number 3, Ready Tonight.
  • Horse number 4, Power Doc, is another strong contender.
  • Horse number 8, Kapten Brodde, is in good form.
  • Horses 6 and 10, Sayonara and Barbro Kronos, are worth considering.
  • Horse number 5, Under Armour, is capable of a good performance.
  • The race’s pace may be influenced by the horses’ starting positions.
  • Betting distribution highlights opportunities for value bets.


  • The favorite in the Diamantstoet race is horse number 12, Faeza Zet.
  • Horse number 2, Ninepoints Birdie, is another strong contender.
  • Horse number 15, Glorius Rain, is in good form.
  • Horse number 8, Miking, is worth considering.
  • The race’s pace may vary based on the starting positions.
  • Miking and Benita Winner are underrated in the betting distribution.


  • The top choice for the gold division is horse number 4, Castor the Star.
  • Horse number 7, Indy Rock, is the primary challenger.
  • Keep an eye on horse number 1, Brother Bill.
  • Horse number 12, Mellby Jinx, is a strong contender.
  • Don’t underestimate horse number 9, Beartime.
  • Betting distribution suggests some value opportunities.