Sweden: Åby and Solvalla V86

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  • 5 Mateo di Quattro is the justified favorite in this race, well-suited for the 2640 meters distance.
  • While not entirely without risk, if it maintains its form and avoids errors, it’s difficult to beat Mateo di Quattro.
  • Consider 2 Best Time Ever as a challenger due to a recent good performance after relocating near Gothenburg.
  • Don’t underestimate 8 Iconic if it secures a good position, and it has previously performed well at longer distances.
  • 6 Peachin might improve with American sulky and pull-down blinds.
  • 11 Jo Black isn’t a hot favorite from its current position.


  • 10 Isco Am returned from a long break with a win and could perform well despite the increase in competition.
  • 8 Jobspost is a solid contender but has had issues with breaking stride.
  • 5 Dee Godfather has good endurance and is likely to set the pace but might not have great acceleration.
  • 4 Neon Bank could succeed with the right performance.
  • 7 Bottnas Justin seems less competitive in this field.


  • 3 Bouquet Brodde is a noteworthy pick, having previously delivered a strong performance and shouldn’t be underestimated due to a lower prize sum.
  • 11 Kanaka also presents a solid contender and is worth considering.
  • 4 Huron Bro could improve, and its recent performance was decent.
  • 5 I Can Win Gardenia might perform well if its new driver can bring out its potential.
  • 10 Nevio Boko managed a victory in its last race but is not considered a top contender here.
  • 2 Flaps Out has potential but motivation issues; a new driver might make a difference.
  • 8 Timotejs Mona is a reliable performer and could do well.


  • 1 Billy the Bronco is the favorite with the potential for a strong performance. It’s important to note the return to regular racing gear.
  • 11 Funny Money can be a formidable contender if it maintains proper pacing throughout the race.
  • 3 B.T.’s Vencor has a favorable starting position and the recent form to be competitive.
  • 5 The Box can’t be ruled out due to its recent performance.
  • The race is competitive with various contenders.


  • 4 Made For Metalimo could perform well if it gets a good trip and if the race pace is in its favor.
  • 11 Cypress Point might be better than expected, especially with the removal of shoes.
  • 5 Take Me Sober is worth considering for its potential.
  • 6 All For Loven might have an improved chance this time.
  • 1 Liza Bore has been competitive recently and is a worthy inclusion.


  • 1 Jikininki has the possibility to secure the lead from the inside position.
  • 12 Wings Level is a strong contender and could be a major threat if it reaches a good position.
  • 6 Benchmark has a good chance, provided it remains calm in the race.
  • 2 Lamborghini C.Boko is a possible selection, especially with a cost-effective trip.
  • 4 Don Cash is a potential dark horse.
  • 6 Fade To Black Ås might have a chance to come from the back.


  • 7 Putte is favored to perform well and secure a better position this time.
  • 8 Real Scotch is a strong contender.
  • 11 Dareios di Poggio is worth considering, particularly if it finds a favorable position.
  • 10 Mellby Indigo is a capable horse that can create its own opportunities.
  • 12 Xanthis Hilton might perform well with late maneuvering.


  • 1 Matiere is the clear favorite due to its good form and favorable position.
  • 3 Nuzzle’em is a good value bet, as it has shown strong finishes in recent races.
  • 10 Mellby Indigo and 2 Secret Celebration are worth considering and might be underrated.
  • The race is competitive with several contenders.