Sweden 29.10.2023: Boden GS75

The opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.

GS75-1: In the first race, the top pick is M.P. Domino (#5), who has shown the ability to win in cold-blooded races, and despite some recent losses, there’s hope for a turnaround. Stjärnstorm (#10) and Nygaards Solan (#6) are contenders who had a tight battle last time out. Trollbackens Otur (#4) is a consistent performer, and Philip (#7) is an interesting outsider.

Hamjakken 1) Ranking: D
Järnsaxa 2) Ranking:
Järvsötekno 3) Ranking: D
Trollbackens Otur 4) Ranking: B
M.P.Domino 5) Ranking: B
Nygaards Solan 6) Ranking: B
Philip 7) Ranking: B
Öygard Pål 8) Ranking: D
Gullpål 9) Ranking: D
Stjärnstorm 10) Ranking: B
Tåga Ryker 11) Ranking: B
Lill Elden 12) Ranking: C
Sonja Kiro 13) Ranking: C

GS75-2: Mellby Katian (#6) is a strong favorite in the second race, with Leon Trotin (#5) as a quality challenger. Fabulous Time (#11) is another pick, while Camarolla (#7), Lapland Teno (#3), and Swish Cash (#2) are also competitive.

Red Lightning 1) Ranking: D
Swish Cash 2) Ranking: C
Lapland Teno 3) Ranking: B
Nice Birthday 4) Ranking: D
Leon Trot 5) Ranking: B
Mellby Katla 6) Ranking: B
Camaro 7) Ranking: C
Hillbillydown Hill 8) Ranking: D
Top Love’s Spirit 9) Ranking: D
Coffe L.A. 10) Ranking: D
Fabulous Time 11) Ranking: B
Becca Boko 12) Ranking: D

GS75-3: The third race features 3-year-olds, with Skorpan Ruda (#12) and Heineken Bishop (#9) as top choices. Kiwi Sisu (#7) and Flor del Inca (#8) are contenders, along with several others.

Backwood’s David 1) Ranking: D
Quick Coffe L.A. 2) Ranking: D
Fantasy Sensation 3) Ranking: D
Slave to Queen Cal 4) Ranking: D
Eternal Fire 5) Ranking: D
Backwood’s Diana 6) Ranking: C
Kiwi Sisu 7) Ranking: B
Flor del Inca 8) Ranking: B
Heineken Bishop 9) Ranking: B
Hot Coktail 10) Ranking: D
Karamell Sisu 11) Ranking: D
Skorpan Ruda 12) Ranking: B

GS75-4: The fourth race features Sjöli Morten (#10) as the top pick, while Grim (#8), Källsjöloken (#13), Re Vital (#9), and Almas Turmalina (#6) are contenders.

Eldgnista 1) Ranking: D
Slotts Rappa 2) Ranking: D
Eskils Joker 3) Ranking: D
Ior Express 4) Ranking: C
Fagerås Kongen 5) Ranking: D
Almas Turmalina 6) Ranking: B
Nyko 7) Ranking: C
Grim 8) Ranking: B
Re Vital 9) Ranking: B
Sjöli Morten 10) Ranking: B
Saga Kiro 11) Ranking: D
Måna Sång 12) Ranking: D
Källsjöloke 13) Ranking: B

GS75-5: In the fifth race, Jamie Sisu (#15) is the favorite. Delicious News (#2) is a strong contender.

Witheveryheartbeat 1) Ranking: B
Delicious News 2) Ranking: B
Hot Chocolate 3) Ranking: D
Chic L.A. 4) Ranking:
Cazorla Byd 5) Ranking: D
Abraxas 6) Ranking: D
Lapland Iceman 7) Ranking: C
Heaven’s Pace 8) Ranking: C
Oak L.A. 9) Ranking: C
M.T.Puccini 10) Ranking: D
Lord of Tooma 11) Ranking: D
Jocashi 12) Ranking: D
Japiro Star 13) Ranking: D
Hotspot Simoni 14) Ranking: D
Jamie Sisu 15) Ranking: A

GS75-6: The sixth race has Olly Håleryd (#12) as a strong favorite, while Sunlight (#2) and Grit Brodda (#7) are strong contenders. Florence Ima (#8), Favourite Law (#3) hold value as well.

Global Daylight 1) Ranking: C
Sunlight 2) Ranking: B
Favourite Law 3) Ranking: C
Mellby Java 4) Ranking: D
Priscilla Håleryd 5) Ranking: D
Party Brodda 6) Ranking: D
Grit Brodda 7) Ranking: B
Florence Ima 8) Ranking: C
Honky Tonk Angel 9) Ranking:
So Chic 10) Ranking: D
Icegirl L.A. 11) Ranking: D
Olly Håleryd 12) Ranking: A

GS75-7: The final race features Devils Tongue (#14) as a potentially dominant horse if it overcomes the challenge of the volt start and other competitors. Djang Limit (#9) and Juan Sisu (#11) are good picks. Strong Caviar (#6) and Loveyouecus (#1) are also in the mix for a surprise.

Loveyouecus 1) Ranking: C
Global Coldplay 2) Ranking: D
Let’s Dance L.A. 3) Ranking: D
Gazoline 4) Ranking: D
Shawn Leejs 5) Ranking: D
Strong Caviar 6) Ranking: B
Any Ability 7) Ranking: C
Bunch of Budgies 8) Ranking: D
Djang Limit 9) Ranking: B
Bidensky 10) Ranking: D
Juan Sisu 11) Ranking: B
Glace au Four 12) Ranking: D
Inspector 13) Ranking:
Devils Tongue 14) Ranking: A
Anaheim Kemp 15) Ranking: D