Sweden: Halmstad 30.10.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Halmstad V64 jackpot! Approx 420k€
The opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.

Albert Zonett 1) Ranking: B
Restless Heart 2) Ranking: B
Nugget Zon 3) Ranking: A
Tyson Dimanche 4) Ranking: D
Crossfire Simoni 5) Ranking: D
Rocky Bear 6) Ranking: D
Fighter Simoni 7) Ranking:
Stenson 8) Ranking: B
Oskar Run 9) Ranking: D
Good Haufor 10) Ranking: D

Romo 1) Ranking: C
Itunes 2) Ranking: D
Mauro di Quattro 3) Ranking: B
Wanderlust Pellini 4) Ranking: C
Queen of Gunners 5) Ranking: D
Önas Spartacus 6) Ranking: B
Mayhem Mary 7) Ranking: D
Perfect Harmony 8) Ranking: B
Bearprime 9) Ranking: D
Mister Aloha 10) Ranking: B
Sandsjöns Arras 11) Ranking: D
Hilding Tif 12) Ranking: C

Fairplay 1) Ranking: B
Place Royal 2) Ranking: B
Giovanna Coger 3) Ranking: B
King of the Hill 4) Ranking: B
Bovary Face 5) Ranking: B
Being Jolly 6) Ranking: C
Bicc’s Avalon 7) Ranking: D
Garry S.T. 8) Ranking: D
Godfather 9) Ranking: C
Cash Bore 10) Ranking: D
Come Along 11) Ranking: D
See You in Heaven 12) Ranking: D

Foreign Affairs 1) Ranking: B
Imola 2) Ranking: B
Sobel Exellence 3) Ranking: A
Eva Kant Gar 4) Ranking: C
Xia Lloyd 5) Ranking:
My Back Pages 6) Ranking: D
Nikki Lane 7) Ranking: C
Unique Wine 8) Ranking: C
Lovely Ratzeputz 9) Ranking: D
Kuzma’s Mother 10) Ranking: D

Eieio 1) Ranking: D
Gansch Ixi 2) Ranking: D
Cissi af Solnäs 3) Ranking: C
Staro Qrazy Janey 4) Ranking: D
Ashanti Bi 5) Ranking: D
Imail Occagnes 6) Ranking: D
Solicious 7) Ranking: C
The Black Rose 8) Ranking: D
Beendraggedaround 9) Ranking: D
Camelot As 10) Ranking: D
Franklin Zet 11) Ranking: B
Spinal Tap A.T. 12) Ranking: D
Papa Crowe 13) Ranking: C
Enorm Då 14) Ranking: D
Tuppen 15) Ranking: A

Amazing Hazel 1) Ranking: D
Jumeirah Boko 2) Ranking: D
Inara O.E. 3) Ranking:
Havbergs Photo 4) Ranking: B
Fabror Melker 5) Ranking: B
Playit Flax 6) Ranking: C
Rado S.W. 7) Ranking: D
Böhmaren 8) Ranking: B
Filur Då 9) Ranking: D
Heart of Courage 10) Ranking: B
Global Annuity 11) Ranking: D
Le Piment 12) Ranking: C