Sweden: Jägersro and Solvalla V86

Pre race rankings for V86 650k€ jackpot

The opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.

Without a Doubt is a strong contender and is likely to rush to the lead.
Larry Wood has shown promise despite not winning recently and is worth considering.
Festival Of Speed, a 6-year-old coming back from a break, is also worth considering.
Other horses like Arvid S.H. and Ad Hoc have potential but have not been entirely convincing recently.

Champion Melon 1) Ranking: D
Without a Doubt 2) Ranking: A
Akilles Face 3) Ranking:
Seventh Heaven 4) Ranking: D
Adiago Trot 5) Ranking: D
Red Mile Brodde 6) Ranking: B
Ad Hoc 7) Ranking: C
Festival of Speed 8) Ranking: C
Arvid S.H. 9) Ranking: C
Larry Wood 10) Ranking: B
A Good Point 11) Ranking: D
Baron Gift 12) Ranking: D


Jascal is a strong favorite after an impressive last race and is shoeless for the first time.
Neon Bank has had problems with early mistakes but may perform well from the back row.
Benchmark is showing potential and can perform well in this field.
Kaiser Wibb may improve with a shorter start interval.

Dirty Martini 1) Ranking: D
Bottnas Hope 2) Ranking: D
Vinci Love 3) Ranking: D
Kaiser Wibb 4) Ranking: D
Jascal 5) Ranking: S
Chaebol 6) Ranking: D
Global Caps 7) Ranking:
Move it Brodde 8) Ranking: D
My Honky Tonk Man 9) Ranking: D
Benchmark 10) Ranking: B
Neon Bank 11) Ranking: B
Henriette Sisu 12) Ranking: D


Soundtrack has a suitable task after moving to Tomas Malmqvist’s stable, and recent performances have been promising.
Nightontheroad and High Class Photo have potential, but Nightontheroad may show improvement with recent equipment changes.
Make Or Break Zaz has a chance but hasn’t shown exceptional performances yet.

L’Amiral Propul 1) Ranking: C
Maxima Schermer 2) Ranking: C
U.Lloyd 3) Ranking: D
Nightontheroad 4) Ranking: B
High Class Photo 5) Ranking: B
Make Or Break Zaz 6) Ranking: C
Easiersaidthand.DK 7) Ranking: D
Hellacopters 8) Ranking: D
G.K.Dobzon 9) Ranking: C
Finegartner 10) Ranking: D
Akal Face 11) Ranking: D
Soundtrack 12) Ranking: A


Grislefaksen G.L. is in strong form and is a favorite for this race.
Tangen Bork’s form is not at its best despite a recent win.
Brenne Odini is a contender, and Månlykke A.M. is a consistent performer.
Other horses like Eld Rask, Philip Ess, and Joe The Juice Sisu are in the race but may find the competition tough.

Tangen Bork 1) Ranking: B
Grislefaksen G.L. 2) Ranking: A
Våler Nikolai 3) Ranking: D
Philip Ess 4) Ranking: D
Brenne Odin 5) Ranking: C
Eld Rask 6) Ranking: D
Pydin 7) Ranking: D
Oppgårdsdrängen 8) Ranking: D
Månlykke A.M. 9) Ranking: B
Bäcklös Faron 10) Ranking: D


Peak Of Glory has favorable starting positions and potential for a third consecutive win.
Arn Silvio is a strong competitor, with recent performances affected by previous issues.
Ka Boom Mearas and Nalanji Boko are underdogs but have shown promise.
Epicure D.E. and Vanessa Southwind are in the race but face challenging competition.

Peak of Glory 1) Ranking: A
Dezaria Blitz 2) Ranking: D
Epicure D.E. 3) Ranking: C
Too Cool Toulouse 4) Ranking:
Vanessa Southwind 5) Ranking: C
Arn Silvio 6) Ranking: B
L’Amiral S.J.S. 7) Ranking: D
Ka Boom Mearas 8) Ranking: C
Frida S.H. 9) Ranking: C
Nalanji Boko 10) Ranking: B


Yucatan Diamant has good prospects for this race, with solid performances in recent starts.
Woodbank is a strong contender but may face issues from post position.
Janis Joplin Sisu and Waypoint Sequence are underdogs worth considering.
Andiamo and Cumulus F.G. could be competitive with the right performance.

Cumulus F.G. 1) Ranking: C
Andiamo 2) Ranking: C
Crowd One Evo 3) Ranking: C
Woodbank 4) Ranking: B
Waypoint Sequence 5) Ranking: C
Jobas Goofy 6) Ranking: C
The Box 7) Ranking:
Janis Joplin Sisu 8) Ranking: C
Yucatan Diamant 9) Ranking: A
Global Dice 10) Ranking: D
Lobelia 11) Ranking: D
Joe the Juice Sisu 12) Ranking: C


Smile Silvio is the favorite and has performed well despite moving up in class.
Victory H.H. is a strong contender, with the possibility of challenging for the lead.
Rapid Palin is another contender, although it would need an improvement in performance.
Il Forte has potential and might perform well with the right setup.
Dareios di Poggio, Capovento Pax, Brain Game, and other horses are also in the race but may face challenges.

Rapid Pal 1) Ranking: B
Jetluggage Racing 2) Ranking: D
Victory H.H. 3) Ranking: B
Matchpoint Pellini 4) Ranking: D
Brain Game 5) Ranking: C
Borups Slåtter 6) Ranking: D
Capovento Pax 7) Ranking: C
Smile Silvio 8) Ranking: B
Hurricane Woodland 9) Ranking: D
Alvin C.G. 10) Ranking: C
Swish the Cash 11) Ranking: C
America Dream 12) Ranking: C
Il Forte 13) Ranking: B


The race features a competitive field, and the early pace could be crucial.
Frazze and Stepping Dreamboy are strong contenders for the lead.
Xanthis Hilton had a successful previous race and has a good chance if the pace is right.
Dareios di Poggio is competitive but may find the pace challenging.
Other horses, such as Jaguar C.Boko, Billy Idol, Benchmark, and others, are in the race and have their respective chances.

Stepping Dreamboy 1) Ranking: B
Joyeux du Cygne 2) Ranking: D
Frazze 3) Ranking: B
Xanthis Hilton 4) Ranking: B
Jaguar C.Boko 5) Ranking: D
Billy Idol 6) Ranking: D
Dareios di Poggio 7) Ranking: B
Amazing Dream N.O. 8) Ranking: D
Gambino Brick 9) Ranking: D
Saonoi 10) Ranking: C
S.G.Mistral 11) Ranking: C
Valmar E.W. 12) Ranking: D