Sweden: Bergsåker V75 11.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Bergsåker V75 (1.9M € jackpot round) and few comments for each race.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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Difficult race. Potential for a surprise.
Hipster Am, Filippa B.J. and Hannibal Face are the main contenders.
Comes with Age and L.A.Boko are potential surprises.

Hipster Am 1) Ranking: B
Parveny 2) Ranking: D
The Bald Eagle 3) Ranking: C
L.A.Boko 4) Ranking: B
Filippa B.J. 5) Ranking: B
Billions 6) Ranking: D
Joy Alissa 7) Ranking: D
Atomic Face 8) Ranking: D
Comes with Age 9) Ranking: C
Criterion 10) Ranking: D
Hannibal Face 11) Ranking: B
Aragorn As 12) Ranking:

Haga Modde is a narrow top pick, but there are plenty of challengers.
For example Lundåsens Teknik, Pyrotek, and Dån Klara are worth considering.

Perso 1) Ranking: B
Lundåsens Teknik 2) Ranking: C
Dån Klara 3) Ranking: C
Svarte Petter 4) Ranking: C
Kleppbest 5) Ranking: D
Slotts Elden 6) Ranking: D
L.Q.Widde 7) Ranking: C
Haga Modde 8) Ranking: B
Snyggs Rubin 9) Ranking: D
Eld Tekno 10) Ranking: D
Pyrotek 11) Ranking: B
Rötungen 12) Ranking: D
Guli Orkan 13) Ranking: D
Nordby Elde 14) Ranking: C
Dellenit 15) Ranking: D

Great Skills is a strong favorite, with Axel Ruda as a challenger.
Phoenix Photo and Titan Yoda are other notable contenders.

Huddlestone 1) Ranking:
Dwayne Zet 2) Ranking: D
Titan Yoda 3) Ranking: C
Hard Times 4) Ranking: D
Great Skills 5) Ranking: S
Axel Ruda 6) Ranking: D
Remarkable Feet 7) Ranking: D
Phoenix Photo 8) Ranking: C
Hector Sisu 9) Ranking: D

Olly Håleryd is a strong favorite.
Sayonara,Cigars Eagle Owl and Olea Håleryd are potential challengers.

Olivia C.H. 1) Ranking: D
Party Brodda 2) Ranking: D
Global Daylight 3) Ranking:
Cigars Eagle Owl 4) Ranking: B
S.G.Faster Iris 5) Ranking: D
Olea Håleryd 6) Ranking: D
For You 7) Ranking: D
Magic From Hill 8) Ranking: D
Olly Håleryd 9) Ranking: A
Young Mistress 10) Ranking: C
Queen Tresher 11) Ranking: D
Florence Ima 12) Ranking: D
Global Deadline 13) Ranking:
Dior Lilly 14) Ranking: D
Sayonara 15) Ranking: B

Jikininki is the favorite, along with Sparky’s Dream and Global De One.
Exhibitionand Occhio are underrated.

Global De One 1) Ranking: B
Going Cash 2) Ranking:
Steady One 3) Ranking: D
Jikininki 4) Ranking: B
Sparky’s Dream 5) Ranking: B
G.K.Talisman 6) Ranking:
Exhibition 7) Ranking: B
Occhio 8) Ranking: B
David Frontline 9) Ranking: D
Scorpion Tile 10) Ranking: D
Cherieff Sund 11) Ranking:
Credityuan 12) Ranking:

Chimi is a strong favorite, with Västerbo Ajax as a surprise possibility.

Blues Brother 1) Ranking: C
Västerbo Ajax 2) Ranking: B
Andy Gel 3) Ranking: C
Megan di Quattro 4) Ranking: D
Perkins 5) Ranking: B
Always Face 6) Ranking: D
Mercenary 7) Ranking: D
Galant Ima 8) Ranking: D
Chimi 9) Ranking: B
Anytimeisnow 10) Ranking: D
Huit 11) Ranking: C
T.Wall’s Kastor 12) Ranking: D

Kinky Boots is the favourite.
King of Djazz , and Kendall Jackson are challengers.

Chitchat 1) Ranking: C
Load Master 2) Ranking: C
No Limit Express 3) Ranking: C
Kinky Boots 4) Ranking: B
King of Djazz 5) Ranking: B
Mellby Interest 6) Ranking:
Ellis Pride 7) Ranking: D
Invisible Sun 8) Ranking: D
Marion Mark 9) Ranking: C
Underbarosåfin 10) Ranking: D
Kendall Jackson 11) Ranking: B
Global Dash 12) Ranking: D