Sweden: Färjestad V64 13.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Färjestad V64 (150k € jackpot round) and few comments for each race.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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The Way I Talk Ås is a strong favorite with an impressive recent performance.
Delon Grif and Wilhelm Tell are showing promise.
Promixity, trained by Daniel Redén, is a strong contender with a recent impressive victory.

Delon Grif 1) Ranking: B
Daniel Frontline 2) Ranking: D
The Way I Talk Ås 3) Ranking: A
Fiber Shot 4) Ranking: D
Chivas L.I. 5) Ranking: D
Matadore 6) Ranking: D
Wilhelm Tell 7) Ranking: B
Proximity 8) Ranking: B
Mael 9) Ranking: D
Timotejs Jackpot 10) Ranking: C
Merci Charly 11) Ranking: C
Ruffian 12) Ranking: C


J.Ann Bonanza, a Norwegian horse, is the top pick in the monté race, showcasing good form in this discipline.
El Greco, aiming for its seventh monté win of the year, is a strong competitor.
Alone and Granit de la Roque are considered as our third choice.

Dante Frontline 1) Ranking: D
I Am D. 2) Ranking: D
Vikens Finance 3) Ranking: C
Fanny S.I.R. 4) Ranking: D
Cassiopea Font 5) Ranking: C
J.Ann Bonanza 6) Ranking: A
Hunter Sund 7) Ranking: D
El Greco 8) Ranking: B
Granit de la Roque 9) Ranking: B
The Noble One 10) Ranking: D
Oti Star 11) Ranking: D
Sixten R.P. 12) Ranking:
Hambra’s Bon Jovi 13) Ranking: D
Manual Flight 14) Ranking:
Alone 15) Ranking: B


Moas Heja Mera is the top choice in the cold-blooded race, known for consistent performances.
Rappterna is a strong contender, having beaten Moas Heja Mera in a previous race.
Kall Tekno, with an impressive win record, is another notable contender.

Östby Saga 1) Ranking: D
Moas Heja Mera 2) Ranking: A
N.O.Dröm 3) Ranking:
Rappterna 4) Ranking: B
Järvsö Karin 5) Ranking: C
Lysjö Wilma 6) Ranking: D
Frida Scott 7) Ranking: C
Båstadstjerna 8) Ranking: D
Eld Riga 9) Ranking: D
Solurstjärn 10) Ranking: D
Edbjörn 11) Ranking: D
Balder Töffen S.K. 12) Ranking: D
Kall Tekno 13) Ranking: B


Lasses Tara is a strong contender, especially if it secures the early lead without much pressure.
Nydalens Finity is a threat to Lasses Tara’s lead, having shown good form with recent victories.
Ängens Starman, Scary Montreal and Diva Ravina are consistent performers and another notable entries.

Ängens Starman 1) Ranking: B
Nydalens Finity 2) Ranking: B
Lasses Tara 3) Ranking: B
Lexington Zon 4) Ranking: D
Livi Poldark 5) Ranking: D
Teanie 6) Ranking: D
Prosperous S. 7) Ranking: C
Scary Montreal 8) Ranking: B
Raya Maya 9) Ranking: D
Diva Ravina 10) Ranking: B
Yours to Keep 11) Ranking:
Axel Rek 12) Ranking: D


J.H. Million is the most backed runner, coming off a strong performance at Solvalla.
Ca’ Belli V.W. and Queens Park are considered strong challengers.
Herme’s Cape and Zofin Thobo are potential underdogs.

Zofin Thobo 1) Ranking: C
Ca’ Belli V.W. 2) Ranking: B
Queens Park 3) Ranking: B
Massachusetts 4) Ranking: D
Celeste Bryne 5) Ranking: D
Junielle 6) Ranking: D
J.H.Million 7) Ranking: A
Herme’s Cape 8) Ranking: C
Charlie Trot 9) Ranking: D
Xanthis Galaxy 10) Ranking: D
Not So Secret 11) Ranking: D
Classic H.H. 12) Ranking: D


Daytona Roc, trained by Björn Goop, is the favorite with promising performances in Sweden.
Lazy Beach is an underrated entry, having shown good form in recent starts.
Isabelle Sisu, Future Sox, and Olga Tooma are also strong contenders.

Isabelle Sisu 1) Ranking: B
Future Sox 2) Ranking: B
Paramount Tile 3) Ranking: C
Lazy Beach 4) Ranking: C
Our Pearl 5) Ranking: D
Caradja 6) Ranking: C
Ad Astra 7) Ranking: D
Daytona Roc 8) Ranking: B
I’ll Follow theSun 9) Ranking: D
Endwithastar 10) Ranking: D
Japiro Queen 11) Ranking: C
Olga Tooma 12) Ranking: B

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