Sweden: Jägerso V64 14.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Jägersro V64 (400k € jackpot round) and few comments for each race.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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3 Demir K.M.E. is the top pick, showing consistent improvement after an injury break, and it recently secured a victory in Åby.
7 King Of The Hill is another strong contender, displaying consistent performances and notable victories.
9 Townshend Broline is a potential upset.
2 Woogie Broline has been out for over a year, making winning a tough ask.

Beachcomber (1) Ranking:
Woogie Broline (2) Ranking: B
Demir K.M.E. (3) Ranking: B
Last Joke (4) Ranking: C
Västerbo Tramp (5) Ranking: C
Forrest Hornline (6) Ranking: D
King of the Hill (7) Ranking: B
Don Cash (8) Ranking: C
Townshend Broline (9) Ranking: B

5 Tracy, a German newcomer, is a strong pick after impressive wins in its initial races.
1 Oris has shown excellent potential and recently secured a victory, making it a strong contender.
9 Flamenco Girl and 11 Ottens Korall are worth considering, with the former showcasing promise in previous outings. 3 Value For Moni is expected to bounce back from recent subpar performances.

Oris (1) Ranking: B
Honey Express (2) Ranking: D
Value for Moni (3) Ranking: D
Diamante Sotto (4) Ranking: D
Tracy (5) Ranking: S
Luckpenny Wine (6) Ranking: C
Kuzma’s Mother (7) Ranking:
Ko Samui (8) Ranking: D
Flamenco Girl (9) Ranking: C
Ellas Black (10) Ranking: D
Ottens Korall (11) Ranking: C


The third race features 6 Rustico as the top pick. 1 Nunchaku is a consistent performer, and the race’s suitable conditions make a win realistic. The only 3-year-old, 2 Perfectandstrong, is worth considering, despite a recent mistake. 4 Enge Baccus has been decent after a break, and 8 Stensjös Farit has performed well in longer races. 8 Stensjös Farit and 9 Malto could surprise in this uncertain race.

Nunchaku (1) Ranking: B
Perfectandstrong (2) Ranking: B
Listas Ice Glide (3) Ranking: D
Enge Baccus (4) Ranking: B
Gunvor Silk (5) Ranking: C
Rustico (6) Ranking: B
Musketeer (7) Ranking: D
Stensjös Farit (8) Ranking: C
Malto (9) Ranking: C
Flashmans Capsella (10) Ranking: D
Classic Hill (11) Ranking: D
Dalila Jet (12) Ranking: D


In the fourth race, the likely winners are 5 Vermithrax and 6 That’s So Spicy. 5 Vermithrax is favored, showing excellent form, and 6 That’s So Spicy is a strong competitor. 2 Ten O’Clock is intriguing, displaying potential in recent training. 11 Simon Templar and 1 Spring Legend have performed decently, but beating the top two will be challenging.

Spring Legend (1) Ranking: C
Ten O’Clock (2) Ranking: C
Itunes (3) Ranking: D
Barefoot Bubbly (4) Ranking:
Vermithrax (5) Ranking: A
That’s So Spicy (6) Ranking: A
Silpinge Superb (7) Ranking: D
Borups Viol (8) Ranking: C
Ghita Nörby (9) Ranking: D
White Sock (10) Ranking: D
Simon Templar (11) Ranking: C
Crypto Currency (12) Ranking: D

The fifth race features 7 Molly Vici as the top pick. 12 Peak Cashflow is strong despite a tough draw, and 6 Princess Beluga is an early favorite but may not match the top contenders. 8 Cosmic Creation and 5 Walkyria W.F. are decent but face tough competition.

Microburst (1) Ranking: D
Tellmenow (2) Ranking: D
Jennifer K. (3) Ranking: D
Frangus Walkyria (4) Ranking: D
Walkyria W.F. (5) Ranking: B
Princess Beluga (6) Ranking: B
Molly Vici (7) Ranking: B
Cosmic Creation (8) Ranking: B
Reserva (9) Ranking: C
Patricia Bo (10) Ranking: C
Twenty Dollar (11) Ranking:
Peak Cashflow (12) Ranking: C


In the final race, 5 Safira Diablo is the top choice. 4 Ginetta and 3 Dancing Days are strong contenders, while 1 Take Me Sober and 11 Best Of Jim face challenges.

Take Me Sober (1) Ranking: C
Jolie Danseur (2) Ranking: D
Dancing Days (3) Ranking: C
Ginetta (4) Ranking: B
Safira Diablo (5) Ranking: A
Made for Metalimo (6) Ranking: D
Herman K. (7) Ranking: D
Wilma Töll (8) Ranking: C
Bottom Line (9) Ranking: D
El Toro Pellini (10) Ranking: D
Best of Jim (11) Ranking: C
Ilibili (12) Ranking: D