Sweden: Xpress Åby and Solvalla 15.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for 15.11. XPress V86 Jackpot (812k€).
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In the opening race, the focus is on 3 Glorius Rain, who is expected to take a lead with the help of a skilled driver. The main competitor is 9 Olga Utca, known for strong finishes. 2 Natorp Bo and 4 Bravo Sabotage are considered challengers.

Mr Mah Can (1) Ranking:
Natorp Bo (2) Ranking: B
Glorius Rain (3) Ranking: A
Bravo Sabotage (4) Ranking: B
King of Greenwood (5) Ranking: D
Frodo S. (6) Ranking: C
Joyful Diva (7) Ranking: D
Full of Muscles (8) Ranking: D
Olga Utca (9) Ranking: B
Jackson Avery (10) Ranking: C

4 Topping Artist, despite recent disappointments, is considered a key player with potential for a lead. 8 Tom’s Got Drive is a strong opponent, and 2 Fossens Wilma is an interesting choice. 5 Jerry, a previous winner in Sweden, is also mentioned. Topping Artist is undervalued, and Fossens Wilma is considered too high.

Banana Joe (1) Ranking: D
Fossens Wilma (2) Ranking: B
She’s Just Joy (3) Ranking: D
Topping Artist (4) Ranking: B
Jerry (5) Ranking: B
Oligark Tooma (6) Ranking: D
Judge Dredd Sisu (7) Ranking: C
Tom’s Got Drive (8) Ranking: B
Current Leader (9) Ranking: D
Bottnas Intense (10) Ranking: D
Enjoythevictory SC (11) Ranking: D
Bottnas Justin (12) Ranking: C

5 Star Cash is the top choice despite not securing a win this year. 8 Pharagraf is also of interest with recent training form. Others like 10 Tug of War and 1 Gunpowder are considered for a broader bet.

Gunpowder (1) Ranking: B
Nightwatcher (2) Ranking: D
Apollo Prophet Cal (3) Ranking: C
Amazing Hazel (4) Ranking: D
Star Cash (5) Ranking: B
My Story is True (6) Ranking: D
Delfo Nobel (7) Ranking: D
Pharagraf (8) Ranking: B
Nacido Boko (9) Ranking: C
Tug of War (10) Ranking: B
Kind of Steel (11) Ranking: C
Dogleg (12) Ranking: D

1 Money Matters, unbeaten so far, is expected to defend its lead. 11 Kennedy Boko is a strong contender. 2 Indigo Brick and 10 Global Dice are also mentioned. Money Matters is heavily favored.

Money Matters (1) Ranking: A
Indigo Brick (2) Ranking: B
Flys Popcorn (3) Ranking: D
One Moment in Time (4) Ranking:
Dear Ronja (5) Ranking: D
Touch the Clouds (6) Ranking: D
Queensland Tile (7) Ranking: D
Börtas Ankare (8) Ranking: C
Hardox (9) Ranking: D
Global Dice (10) Ranking: C
Kennedy Boko (11) Ranking: B
Pret a Porter (12) Ranking: D

9 Carroty, in good form, faces uncertainties in race dynamics. 7 Nanny’s Girl and 11 Mary Ann Lane are also considered, while 3 M.T.Rapunzel and 6 Mellby Ivy are seen as unpredictable.

Ruth Halbak (1) Ranking: D
Karibean Dreams (2) Ranking: D
M.T.Rapunzel (3) Ranking: C
Caramelle T.T. (4) Ranking: C
Tasherit (5) Ranking: C
Mellby Ivy (6) Ranking: C
Nanny’s Girl (7) Ranking: B
Princess Kloster (8) Ranking: D
Carroty (9) Ranking: B
Isi Band (10) Ranking: D
Mary Ann Lane (11) Ranking: B
Jeans’n Passion (12) Ranking: C

9 Mellby Jail, returning from a long break, is favored but may face challenges. 14 Jimbaran Zon, 12 Nuzzle’em, and 4 Victory Eagle are contenders.

T.Wall’s Keyboard (1) Ranking: D
Solkattens Olivia (2) Ranking:
Makian Degato (3) Ranking:
Victory Eagle (4) Ranking: C
Knox Newport (5) Ranking: D
B.B.S.Sky River (6) Ranking: D
Voddy Sign (7) Ranking: D
Candy Frontline (8) Ranking: D
Mellby Jail (9) Ranking: A
Boundless (10) Ranking: D
Noocandy (11) Ranking: D
Nuzzle’em (12) Ranking: C
Ateeco Degli Dei (13) Ranking: D
Jimbaran Zon (14) Ranking: B
St No More War (15) Ranking: D

Difficult race: Strong candidates include: 1 Joint Chief, 12 Hustle Rain, 6 Hashtag Simoni and 10 Mateo di Quattro is also considered

Joint Chief (1) Ranking: B
Perfect Harmony (2) Ranking: D
Gasparito (3) Ranking: D
Denco’s Ozzy O. (4) Ranking: D
Dajanov (5) Ranking: D
Hashtag Simoni (6) Ranking: B
Putte (7) Ranking:
Blue Boy Face (8) Ranking: C
Sandokan (9) Ranking: C
Mateo di Quattro (10) Ranking: B
Hnokki Speed (11) Ranking: D
Hustle Rain (12) Ranking: B
Combat Fighter (13) Ranking:
Finn Palema (14) Ranking: D

5 Global Duchess, dealing with heat issues, is a strong contender despite tough competition. 2 Swish Brodda, and 9 Sun Summit are mentioned. The race is considered more open than indicated by current odds.

Grace Trot (1) Ranking:
Swish Brodda (2) Ranking: B
Juicy (3) Ranking: C
Country Home (4) Ranking: D
Global Duchess (5) Ranking: A
Ace of Marke (6) Ranking:
Snick Chick (7) Ranking:
Jeannica (8) Ranking: B
Sun Summit (9) Ranking: C
Udine Celeber (10) Ranking: C
Furiosa (11) Ranking: D
Wonderful Tonight (12) Ranking: D