Sweden: XPress V64 Boden and Bollnäs 17.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Xpress V64 17.11.2023 .
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In the first race, Vixi Garbo is a strong contender after an easy win last week. Bravo Alicia and Prince Rigby are potential challengers, but Vixi Garbo’s favorable conditions make it a confident pick.

Mahitabo (1) Ranking: D
Ridge Tarn Amigo (2) Ranking: D
Vixi Garbo (3) Ranking: A
Receiver Control (4) Ranking: D
Outwell (5) Ranking: D
Marys Overagain (6) Ranking: D
B.G.Orlanda Vicci (7) Ranking: D
Ies Furste (8) Ranking: D
A Perfect Man (9) Ranking: C
Sundbo Dumbo (10) Ranking: D
Ridge Tarn Aramis (11) Ranking: C
Jab’s Furious (12) Ranking: D
Prince Rigby(13) Ranking: B
Bravo Alicia (14) Ranking: B


Race two features B. Sacamano as the main pick, with The Oak L.A. as the top challenger. Muscle Man Boko and No Beer Drinker are also worth considering. B. Sacamano’s recent performances make it a solid choice.

Muscle Man Boko (1) Ranking: B
Naima Sjöhammar (2) Ranking: D
Peppe Roc (3) Ranking: D
No Beer Drinker (4) Ranking: B
B.Sacamano (5) Ranking: B
Polar Operation (6) Ranking: B
Juno Beach (7) Ranking:
Atlas Eagra (8) Ranking: D
M.M.Hot One (9) Ranking: D
Gazoline (10) Ranking: D
The Oak L.A. (11) Ranking: B
Deliver (12) Ranking: C


The third race involves a local clash, with Eva R.G. being a dominant force. Bork Linda and Per Viking are noteworthy contenders, while Alfa Lina and Alfie bring experience. The race seems open despite Eva R.G.’s high support.

Klack Astrid (1) Ranking: B
Pyssla (2) Ranking: C
Gangsi (3) Ranking: D
Fosshaug Frasse (4) Ranking: D
Eva R.G. (5) Ranking: A
Trollbackens Otur (6) Ranking: D
Bork Linda (7) Ranking: B
Jeger (8) Ranking: D
Klack Vidar (9) Ranking: D
Alfa Lina (10) Ranking: C
Per Viking (11) Ranking: B
Alfie (12) Ranking: C
Höstbo Elis (13) Ranking:


In the fourth race, Djang Limit and Juan Sisu are the favorites. Hotspot Simoni adds intrigue, and Hip Hop Au Vent and Like Di Serafino are solid choices. Laurentius Valiant is a potential surprise. The race promises competitiveness.

Hip Hop Au Vent (1) Ranking: B
Club Nord Pro (2) Ranking: D
Himla B.Drift (3) Ranking: D
A.W.’s Kicklight (4) Ranking: D
Patrick Silvio (5) Ranking: C
Hotspot Simoni (6) Ranking: B
Oak L.A. (7) Ranking: C
Laurentius Valiant (8) Ranking: D
Like di Serafino (9) Ranking: D
Djang Limit (10) Ranking: B
Boulder Predator (11) Ranking: D
Fokus Brick (12) Ranking: D
Favourite Law (13) Ranking: C
Juan Sisu (14) Ranking: B
Heaven’s Pace (15) Ranking: D


Race five showcases One Cristal as the top pick, with Edsinette as a reliable choice. Ajlexes OyeComo Va and Polly Laday add variety, while Heavenly May and Homeland Pellini are worth considering.

Louis Cheri (1) Ranking: D
Ajlexes OyeComo Va (2) Ranking: C
Il Conte (3) Ranking:
My Love M.L. (4) Ranking: D
Bottnas Hope (5) Ranking: D
Polly Laday (6) Ranking: B
Edsinette (7) Ranking: B
One Cristal (8) Ranking: A
Heavenly May (9) Ranking: D
Axl Brown (10) Ranking: D
Bältra Selene (11) Ranking: D
Homeland Pellini (12) Ranking: D
Ingesson (13) Ranking: D


The final race features Swagger as the primary pick, with Selmer I.H. and No Limit Royalty as strong contenders. Hector Sisu, NoLimitJimMit, and From The Mine bring competitiveness. Swagger’s skills and expected lead position make it a key selection.

Double Trouble E.P (1) Ranking: D
No Limit Royalty (2) Ranking: B
Swagger (3) Ranking: B
NoLimitJimMit (4) Ranking: D
Marciano (5) Ranking: D
Mr Perfect (6) Ranking: D
From the Mine (7) Ranking: B
Selmer I.H. (8) Ranking: B
Hector Sisu (9) Ranking: B
Eder Bob (10) Ranking: D