Sweden: Färjestad V75 19.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Färjestad V75.
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3 Yohan Hills – Strong recent performances in tough races, suitable track level, and good starting position.
Challenger: 5 Mister A. – Competitive in both start and finish, with recent impressive wins.
Consider: 11 Patrick Palema, 2 Global Billboard, 4 Kentucky Lobell.

Speedy Cash Vicane (1) Ranking:
Global Billboard (2) Ranking: B
Yohan Hills (3) Ranking: B
Kentucky Lobell (4) Ranking: C
Mister A. (5) Ranking: B
Endwithastar (6) Ranking: D
Scary Montreal (7) Ranking: D
Grimfrost (8) Ranking: D
Humble Man (9) Ranking: D
Otto Håleryd (10) Ranking: D
Patrick Palema (11) Ranking: B
Linares (12) Ranking: D


8 Gran Eld – Has the required capacity for victory, though recent performances are uncertain.
Consider: 6 Ils Can, 10 Järvsö Karin, 11 GyldenGutten Stöen, 4 Lannem Håkon, 5 Torkjell.

Hvalstad Rosa (1) Ranking: D
Åsåbra (2) Ranking: D
Kringlers Roskva (3) Ranking:
Lannem Håkon (4) Ranking: C
Torkjell (5) Ranking: C
Ils Can (6) Ranking: B
Madeleine R. (7) Ranking: C
Gran Eld (8) Ranking: B
Fröyu Jerken (9) Ranking:
Järvsö Karin (10) Ranking: B
GyldenGutten Stöen (11) Ranking: B
Drömsaga (12) Ranking: D
Dine Lotta (13) Ranking: D


6 Chicco Jet – Likely to lead from the start, with recent successful performances.
Challenger: 12 Inferno Launcher – Showed promise in recent victories but faces challenges from behind.
Consider: 4 Hit The Road Jack, 3 Merlot Doc, 13 Manhattan Song.

Marcia Griffiths (1) Ranking: C
Vilde Skift (2) Ranking: B
Merlot Doc (3) Ranking: C
Hit The Road Jack (4) Ranking: C
Okay (5) Ranking: D
Chicco Jet (6) Ranking: A
Kattbo Dream (7) Ranking: D
Quling Futura (8) Ranking: D
Mantomantalk (9) Ranking: D
Clipping Pandora (10) Ranking: D
Global Attitude (11) Ranking: D
Inferno Launcher (12) Ranking: B
Manhattan Song (13) Ranking: C
Junielle (14) Ranking: D
Vikens DoBetter (15) Ranking: D


7 Bo C. – Demonstrated impressive capacity and likely to lead.
Challenger: 9 Bear Hope – Strong contender, excelling in recent races.
Consider: 1 Remarkable Feet, 5 Exodus Brick, 2 Hazard Boko, 4 Criterion.

Remarkable Feet (1) Ranking: C
Hazard Boko (2) Ranking: B
Billy Idol Jet (3) Ranking: D
Criterion (4) Ranking: C
Exodus Brick (5) Ranking: D
Ragazzo da Sopra (6) Ranking: D
Bo C. (7) Ranking: A
Tabasco C.D. (8) Ranking: D
Bear Hope (9) Ranking: B


1 Saint Louis Blues – In excellent form, with favorable inside position.
Challenger: 4 Extra Sweet – Recent health concerns, but high potential.
Consider: 3 Speedy Star Vicane, 2 Athletic Power,6 Funny Sensation, 8Clarisse Leejs.

Saint Louis Blues (1) Ranking: A
Athletic Power (2) Ranking: B
Speedy Star Vicane (3) Ranking: C
Extra Sweet (4) Ranking: B
Classic H.H. (5) Ranking: D
Funny Sensation (6) Ranking: C
Call it Home (7) Ranking: D
Clarisse Leejs (8) Ranking: D
Re Match (9) Ranking: C
Maui (10) Ranking: D
Ignite Dynamite (11) Ranking: D
Zeus S.S. (12) Ranking: D


5 Smajlis – Seeking fifth consecutive win with successful strategies, but facing strong opponents.
Challenger: 7 Ninepoints Lasse
Consider: 8 Bara du Chen, 6 Ruffian, 2 Iconic, 10 Strong Heartbeat, 12 Joe Frazier Boko.

Swan Hill (1) Ranking: D
Iconic (2) Ranking: B
Mario Andretti (3) Ranking: D
Velocius Crowd One (4) Ranking: D
Smajlis (5) Ranking: A
Ruffian (6) Ranking: B
Ninepoints Lasse (7) Ranking: B
Bara du Chene (8) Ranking: C
Amigo Racer (9) Ranking: D
Strong Heartbeat (10) Ranking: D
Andy Pandy One (11) Ranking: C
Joe Frazier Boko (12) Ranking: D
Vikings Preacher (13) Ranking: D
Victor C. (14) Ranking: D


5 Diamond Sox – Good recent performance, potential for leading the race.
Challenger: 2 Penthouse – Promising performances with optimal equipment, but potential changes in gear could affect performance.
Consider: 7 Nena Barosso, 9 Jackie Jaam, 8 Histoire Dry, 11 Gabi Goes to Paris, 3 Lady Silver, 1 Lady Vici.

Lady Vici (1) Ranking: D
Penthouse (2) Ranking: B
Lady Silver (3) Ranking: B
Invicta Sisu (4) Ranking: D
Diamond Sox (5) Ranking: A
Bonnie B. (6) Ranking: D
Nena Barosso (7) Ranking: C
Histoire Dry (8) Ranking: D
Jackie Jaam (9) Ranking: D
Stommens Lisa (10) Ranking: D
Gabi Goes to Paris (11) Ranking: C
Marabou Bonanza (12) Ranking: D