Sweden: Åby V64 23.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Åby V64.
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  • Bearnard is the top pick for the opening race with impressive performances.
  • Nice Run, Bravo Vancover and Vikens Cashflow are additional choices for the race.
  • The expected leader in the race is Bravo Vancover, with Bearnard likely to take the lead later on.

Luminosity Gift (1) Ranking: D
Ilex P.R. (2) Ranking: D
Mancave (3) Ranking: D
Mary Ash (4) Ranking:
Bearnard (5) Ranking: B
Bravo Vancover (6) Ranking: B
Listas Baileys (7) Ranking: D
Gladiator A.F. (8) Ranking: D
Hills Hope (9) Ranking:
Vikens Cashflow (10) Ranking: B
Thomasine (11) Ranking: D
Bela Bunda (12) Ranking: D
Nice Run (13) Ranking: C
Alba Bella (14) Ranking: D
Francks de Soto (15) Ranking: D


  • Heidi, a newcomer from Denmark, is a entry with potential.
  • Mamba Forever V.S. is the favored pick, having recently secured its first win.
  • Global Delicious and Spicy Cider are other contenders in the race.
  • The race strategy suggests Heidi might take an early lead.

One Step Beyond (1) Ranking: D
Jolie Sisu (2) Ranking: C
Heidi (3) Ranking: A
Önas Regina (4) Ranking: D
Chandy R.D. (5) Ranking: D
Majors Prosecco (6) Ranking: D
Global Delicious (7) Ranking: B
Mamba Forever V.S. (8) Ranking: B
Mayfire (9) Ranking: D
G.R.Tintin (10) Ranking: C
J.J.Tomiris (11) Ranking:
Spicy Cider (12) Ranking: B


  • Zebulon is the top choice after an impressive win at Färjestad.
  • I Am Timmie, Daytona Roc, and Izor Sisu are considered strong contenders.
  • Herbie Peak, despite a disappointing season, is a potential dark horse.
  • I Am Timmie is predicted to take the lead early in the race.

Herkules Gertorp (1) Ranking: D
Västerbo Marbre (2) Ranking: D
Jetluggage Racing (3) Ranking: D
Pinotage A.A. (4) Ranking: D
Ransom Tile (5) Ranking: D
I am Timmie (6) Ranking: B
Surr (7) Ranking: D
Zebulon (8) Ranking: B
Herbie Peak (9) Ranking: B
Izor Sisu (10) Ranking: B
Daytona Roc (11) Ranking: B
Bicc’s Avalon (12) Ranking: D


  • Even Steven is highlighted as a strong contender, maintaining excellent form.
  • Hannibal Face and Champ Lane are favorites, with potential concerns about their health.
  • Lorenzo Boko may challenge the favorites, but a win would be a surprise.

Joyful Diva (1) Ranking: D
Special Major (2) Ranking: D
Souvenir d’Inverne (3) Ranking: D
The Real Star (4) Ranking: D
Lorenzo Boko (5) Ranking: C
Champ Lane (6) Ranking: C
Ribaude (7) Ranking:
Even Steven (8) Ranking: A
Adiago Trot (9) Ranking: D
Innovation Love (10) Ranking:
Hannibal Face (11) Ranking: A
Sato (12) Ranking: D


  • Shallow is the top pick, despite an unfavorable starting position.
  • Mazuocco Boko, Pearl Kayz, Hartvig, Pearl Kayz, and the newcomer from Germany, Calibra V.W., are strong contenders.

Favorite (1) Ranking: D
Honey Dun Girl (2) Ranking: D
Pearl Kayz (3) Ranking: B
Calibra V.W. (4) Ranking: C
Eva Kant Gar (5) Ranking: D
Mona Moonlight (6) Ranking: C
Ilibili (7) Ranking: D
Mazuocco Boko (8) Ranking: B
Hartvig (9) Ranking: C
Ashanti Bi (10) Ranking: D
Shallow (11) Ranking: B


  • Almas Caviar is the top pick, favored for its excellent form and preferred distance.
  • Classy Knox is another strong contender, known for its speed.
  • Rapido S.W and Feline Burgerheide have way more potential than the current odds indicate.
  • Email is considered interesting with low support but potential.
  • The expected race pace is fast, with Almas Caviar likely to take the lead.

Rapido S.W. (1) Ranking: B
Merci Bråten (2) Ranking: D
Email (3) Ranking: C
Almas Caviar (4) Ranking: B
Feline Burgerheide (5) Ranking: B
Steady Roger (6) Ranking: C
Classy Knox (7) Ranking: B
Diesel D.K. (8) Ranking: D
Majors Rose (9) Ranking: D
Västerbo LookHigh (10) Ranking: D
Mill Cava (11) Ranking:
Irma Sisu (12) Ranking: D

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