Sweden : Xpress V64 24.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Xpress V64 Jackpot 96k€.
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The opening race features the strong favorite 8 Ett Under, who has shown impressive performances in recent races. Despite an outer starting position and a longer break between races, the 4-year-old is expected to perform well in a relatively weak field. Other contenders include 2 Felix S.H., 1 Zinnia, and 7 Backseatdriver. Keep an eye on the outsider 12 Ida Orlando, debuting with a new driver, and the improved 9 R.K. Countess.

Zinnia (1) Ranking: C
Felix S.H. (2) Ranking: B
Aperfecthoney (3) Ranking: D
Henning Silvåkra (4) Ranking: D
Teton Nikkcon (5) Ranking: D
Enge Baccus (6) Ranking:
Backseatdriver (7) Ranking: C
Ett Under (8) Ranking: A
R.K.Countess (9) Ranking: D
Barefoot Bubbly (10) Ranking: D
Listas Ice Glide (11) Ranking: D
Ida Orlando (12) Ranking: C
X.N.Boy (13) Ranking: D
Devs Dreamking (14) Ranking: C
Sandsjöns Arras (15) Ranking: D


In the second race at Bollnäs, the competition is between 1 Esprit Sisu and 2 Laradja Vrijthout, both high-quality horses. Esprit Sisu might secure the lead and maintain it over the mile distance. Consider 6 Barry Waddin as a potential outsider

Esprit Sisu (1) Ranking: S
Laradja Vrijthout (2) Ranking: B
Hard Times (3) Ranking: C
Super Zantos (4) Ranking: D
Barry Wadd (5) Ranking: B
Västerbo Grosbois (6) Ranking: D
Fortune Mearas (7) Ranking: D


Race three features 13 Staro Leonardo as a favorite, having shown exceptional performance in previous races. Despite a recent illness, the horse is expected to dominate. Other contenders include 2 Swish The Cash, 6 Bowler Day. Keep an eye on recent winner 7 Jetpack.

Power Vacation (1) Ranking: D
Swish the Cash (2) Ranking: B
Zola Love (3) Ranking: C
Glimma Blixten (4) Ranking: D
Cavalleri (5) Ranking: D
Bowler Day (6) Ranking: B
Jetpack (7) Ranking: C
Isi Band (8) Ranking: D
Oskar Run (9) Ranking:
Lill Zacke (10) Ranking: D
Gullabo Däck Bling (11) Ranking: C
R.K.King (12) Ranking: D
Staro Leonardo (13) Ranking: B


In the fourth race, 7 Maverick Meerkat is the top pick, aiming for a third consecutive win. Consider 10 Ever Loving and 11 Kemas Frasse as strong contenders. 4 My Memphis is a high-potential but risky choice.

Nordic Dream (1) Ranking: D
Nachos (2) Ranking: D
Stephen on Line (3) Ranking: D
My Memphis (4) Ranking: B
Buy This Face (5) Ranking: D
Danilo S.H. (6) Ranking: C
Maverick Meerkat (7) Ranking: A
Voddy Sign (8) Ranking: D
Born to Live (9) Ranking: C
Ever Loving (10) Ranking: B
Kemas Frasse (11) Ranking: C
Battleship Chains (12) Ranking: D


Race five is dominated by 1 Soundtrack, the clear favorite with impressive recent performances. 7 Lilo Love and 9 Place Royal are considered strong contenders, while 4 Just Wish Boko and 2 Easter Princess might also challenge.

Soundtrack (1) Ranking: A
Easter Princess (2) Ranking: C
Bravo Tessla (3) Ranking: D
Just Wish Boko (4) Ranking: C
G.A.Spencie (5) Ranking: D
Hockey Am (6) Ranking: C
Lilo Love (7) Ranking: B
Casanova Rhyme (8) Ranking: D
Place Royal (9) Ranking: B
Manda Cord (10) Ranking: D
Wilma E. (11) Ranking: D
Moons Aladdin (12) Ranking: D


In the final race, 9 One Cristal is a decent performer, displaying class in recent races. 2 Joshua B.R. and 10 Icon Mearas are strong contenders, with the latter showing promise in its debut. 1 Kalle Taxam and 7 Eagle In Disguise are also worth considering.

Kalle Taxam (1) Ranking: C
Joshua B.R. (2) Ranking: B
Axl Brown (3) Ranking: D
Will I Am (4) Ranking: C
Babaris (5) Ranking: D
D.Day Zet (6) Ranking: D
Eagle in Disguise (7) Ranking: C
Homeland Pellini (8) Ranking: D
One Cristal (9) Ranking: B
Icon Mearas (10) Ranking: B
Heavenly May (11) Ranking: D
Google Sisu (12) Ranking: D