Sweden: Jägersro V75 25.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Jägersro V75.
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The favorite Always a Pleasure is absent, and Global Delayed is the new favorite. Game on Butcher, Here’s Johnny Sox and Midyat Zaz are considered strong contenders.

Pharagraf (1) Ranking: C
Massine (2) Ranking: D
Always a Pleasure (3) Ranking:
Here’s Johnny Sox (4) Ranking: C
Global Delayed (5) Ranking: B
Game on Butcher (6) Ranking: B
Belgique (7) Ranking: B
Joker Mearas (8) Ranking: D
Midyat Zaz (9) Ranking: C
Rock the Sock (10) Ranking: D
King of the Hill (11) Ranking: C
Galliano Peak (12) Ranking: C

Mi Amore Bros, Japiro Queen and Be My Baby are highlighted, with Bikana Wine also considered a strong early contender. Heartbeat Julieta is mentioned as well.

Bold Face (1) Ranking: C
Mi Amore Bros (2) Ranking: B
Be My Baby (3) Ranking: C
Herina Sotto (4) Ranking: D
Amazing Lady N.O. (5) Ranking: D
Japiro Queen (6) Ranking: B
Organzza (7) Ranking: D
Cheri Cheri Lady (8) Ranking: C
Bikana Wine (9) Ranking: B
Heartbeat Julie (10) Ranking: C
Ninepoints Birdie (11) Ranking: D
Tidore Degato (12) Ranking:
Nanny’s Girl (13) Ranking: D
Nina Ginto (14) Ranking: D
Olga Utca (15) Ranking: C

Kentucky River and Four Guys Dream are favored. Ultion Facella and Rackham are potential challengers.

Heart of Steel (1) Ranking: D
Harran Boko (2) Ranking: D
Arvid S.H. (3) Ranking: D
Revelation (4) Ranking: D
Digital Dominance (5) Ranking: D
Rackham (6) Ranking: C
Four Guys Dream (7) Ranking: B
Ultion Face (8) Ranking: C
Crack Atout (9) Ranking: D
Kentucky River (10) Ranking: A

L’amourPourBlanca is favored in the 2-year-old race, with Romulus Tooma and Monster Wine as strong contenders.

Matchmadeinheaven (1) Ranking: C
Oriana Boko (2) Ranking: B
Romulus Tooma (3) Ranking: B
Monster Wine (4) Ranking: B
L’AmourPourBlanca (5) Ranking: B
R.K.Fade (6) Ranking: D
Duncan Cowan (7) Ranking: B
Chapter One (8) Ranking: D
Västerbo Gute (9) Ranking: B
Valnes Phenix (10) Ranking: C
Custom Chrono (11) Ranking: D
O’Hara Boko (12) Ranking:

Credityuan and That’s So Spicy are top picks. Klondyke River and Qillerbee are also mentioned as potential winners.

Molly Vici (1) Ranking: B
Denco’s Ozzy O. (2) Ranking: D
Qillerbee (3) Ranking: B
Sober Composite (4) Ranking: D
Ulla Rols (5) Ranking:
The Lion (6) Ranking: B
Vermithrax (7) Ranking: D
Suddenly Spring (8) Ranking: D
Credityuan (9) Ranking: B
That’s So Spicy (10) Ranking: B
Klondyke River (11) Ranking: B
Akal Face (12) Ranking: D

Sayonara, Rossi Garline, and Grappa Boy are highlighted, with Nugget Zon and Friend of Elves as a potential surprise.

Natorp Bo (1) Ranking: D
Rossi Garline (2) Ranking: B
Nugget Zon (3) Ranking: C
Friend of Elves (4) Ranking: C
Versace Face (5) Ranking: C
Nova Mahiron (6) Ranking: B
Dominic Wibb (7) Ranking: D
Catullo Jet (8) Ranking: B
Boli You S.M. (9) Ranking: D
Grappa Boy (10) Ranking: B
Corazon Bar (11) Ranking: D
Sayonara (12) Ranking: B

Eddie the Eagle is favored, but Christofer Jet, Illfindmywayhome and Smile Silvion are strong contenders. Dragons Bar and Frankie Godiva are also mentioned.

Mulberry (1) Ranking: D
Cash Winner (2) Ranking:
Eddie the Eagle (3) Ranking: B
Frankie Godiva (4) Ranking: C
Illfindmywayhome (5) Ranking: B
Christofer Jet (6) Ranking: B
Theycallmesixten (7) Ranking:
Midnight Special (8) Ranking: D
Lucifer Boko (9) Ranking: C
Dragons Bar (10) Ranking: C
Smile Silvio (11) Ranking: B
Neo Turbo (12) Ranking:

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