Sweden: Rättvik GS75 26.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Rättvik GS75 Jackpot (323K€).
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For info: The comments are my personal and not related to the models predictions.

The opening race favors 6 Always Face, in good form with recent victories. Also, consider 10 Itso Sisu as a strong contender, and 1 Caradja is expected to give a strong performance from the inside position. 3 Global Boost’s form is uncertain, and 4 Firefoot is a potential surprise. 11 Arno dell’Est returns from a break.

Caradja (1) Ranking: B
Jumanji Love (2) Ranking: D
Global Boost (3) Ranking: C
Firefoot (4) Ranking: D
Västerbo Maharani (5) Ranking:
Always Face (6) Ranking: A
Evander Am (7) Ranking: D
Miss Lovelace (8) Ranking:
Mellby Hurricane (9) Ranking: D
Itso Sisu (10) Ranking: B
Arno dell’Est (11) Ranking: C
Romeo Dana (12) Ranking: D


In the second race, 2 Eskils Balder is a top pick aiming for a hat trick. 5 Läckra Lucas considered, with 11 Kruson showing promise. 10 Väskinge Inez and 6 Zäta Hegero are less favored, and 4 Guli Smilla is a dark horse. The expected pace is set by Eskils Balder.

Brisgås Milly (1) Ranking: D
Eskils Balder (2) Ranking: S
Sol Greia (3) Ranking: D
Guli Smilla (4) Ranking: C
Läckra Lukas (5) Ranking: C
Zäta Hegero (6) Ranking: D
Drömsaga (7) Ranking: D
Willmin (8) Ranking: D
Hyndlas Krumelur (9) Ranking: D
Väskinge Inez (10) Ranking: D
Kruson (11) Ranking: B
Rams Bror (12) Ranking: D
Kjölstad Prinsessa (13) Ranking: D


The third race features a competitive field, with 9 Pedal to d’Metal as a top pick. 4 Ninepoints Winner, 2 Dostojevskij, and 7 Killer Journey are strong contenders. 10 Sara J.E. is consistent, and 5 Västerbo Pompier returns from a two-year break. The expected pace is set by Killer Journey.

Make it Q.L. (1) Ranking:
Dostojevskij (2) Ranking: B
Leoni (3) Ranking: D
Ninepoints Winner (4) Ranking: B
Västerbo Pompier (5) Ranking: C
Digital Fire (6) Ranking: D
Killer Journey (7) Ranking: B
Etops (8) Ranking:
Pedal to d’Metal (9) Ranking: B
Sara J.E. (10) Ranking: D
Orly (11) Ranking: D
Northern Breeze (12) Ranking:


Race four features 8 Månlykke A.M. as the favorite, with 7 Våler Nikolai in good form. 9 Tekno Jerven and 10 Oppgårdsdrängen are potential surprises. 6 Björlifanner is considered a backup. The expected pace is contested between Våler Nikolai and Månlykke A.M.

Åstas Gotthard (1) Ranking: C
Guli Frodo (2) Ranking: D
Sippson (3) Ranking: D
Dellenit (4) Ranking: D
Bilbo B.S. (5) Ranking:
Björlifanner (6) Ranking: C
Våler Nikolai (7) Ranking: B
Månlykke A.M. (8) Ranking: A
Tekno Jerven (9) Ranking: C
Oppgårdsdrängen (10) Ranking: C


In the fifth race, 6 S.G.’s Alecta is the top choice, with 9 Spader and 14 My Boy as contenders. 3 Nonstop Käll, 2 Some Picture, and 11 Sun’s Exciting are also considered. The expected pace is set by S.G.’s Alecta, with Nonstop Käll being fast.

Hispia de Vandel (1) Ranking: D
Some Picture (2) Ranking: C
Nonstop Käll (3) Ranking: B
Habanero D. (4) Ranking: D
Tumble One (5) Ranking:
S.G.’s Alecta (6) Ranking: B
Winning Dream (7) Ranking: D
Honey Dollar (8) Ranking: D
Spader (9) Ranking: B
Receiver Control (10) Ranking: D
Sun’s Exciting (11) Ranking: B
Nova Effe (12) Ranking: D
Sognare (13) Ranking: D
My Boy (14) Ranking: B
From a Box (15) Ranking: C


The sixth race favors 7 In Love Boko, coming off a recent win. 4 Atomic Face and 6 Cab Frontline are also strong contenders. 5 Radetzky and 1 Mission Beach are considered. The expected pace is competitive with several fast starters.

Mission Beach (1) Ranking: C
Djokovic (2) Ranking: B
Xerava C.D. (3) Ranking: D
Atomic Face (4) Ranking: B
Radetzky (5) Ranking: B
Cab Frontline (6) Ranking: B
In Love Boko (7) Ranking: B
Quantum Roc (8) Ranking: D
Red Hot Roadster (9) Ranking: C
Dior Ima (10) Ranking: D


The final race favors 4 Solons Skrämmel, known for strong performances from the lead. 12 Omega Superstar, 7 Ninepoints Candy and 5 Angel Of Trix are contenders, with 10 Florence Iman showing potential. 3 Jes Angel is considered for a strategic inside run. The expected pace sees Solons Skrämmel taking the lead.

Stiernhööks Siri (1) Ranking: D
Grott Maja (2) Ranking: D
Jes Angel (3) Ranking: C
Solöns Skrammel (4) Ranking: A
Angel of Trix (5) Ranking: B
Zally Gel (6) Ranking: C
Ninepoints Candy (7) Ranking: C
Wilda Knight (8) Ranking: D
Juvel Ribb (9) Ranking: D
Florence Ima (10) Ranking: C
Sister of Mercy (11) Ranking: D
Omega Superstar (12) Ranking: B