Sweden: Halmstad V64 27.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Halmstad V64 Jackpot (138K€).
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For info: The comments are my personal and not related to the models predictions.


The opening race features Yantra Slave Cal, showing good form this autumn. Another contender is Cypress Point, making its debut for Tomas Malmqvist with promising potential. The suggested strategy is to consider alternatives to the favorites Cascabella and Wilma Tölli. One interesting runner with potential is Gelato Pellini.

Cypress Point (1) Ranking: B
Gelato Pellini (2) Ranking: B
Wilma Töll (3) Ranking: B
Cascabella (4) Ranking: B
Yantra Slave Cal (5) Ranking: B
Havana Sotto (6) Ranking: D
Made for Metalimo (7) Ranking: D
High Hope Lee (8) Ranking: D
Pure Harmony (9) Ranking: D
Gone (10) Ranking: D
Cissi af Solnäs (11) Ranking: D


In the second race, Mega Occagnes is considered a potential contender with improving form. Stensjös Henessi is in good shape and likely to employ a front-running tactic. Orajah’s recent performances have been below expectations. Tera and Classic Hill have good recent form. Careful Dream should not be ignored.

Careful Dream (1) Ranking: B
Stensjös Henessi (2) Ranking: B
Slave to Love Cal (3) Ranking: D
Classic Hill (4) Ranking: C
Tera (5) Ranking: B
Ome Jan (6) Ranking: D
Hambo (7) Ranking: C
Orajah (8) Ranking: B
Sweet Breeze (9) Ranking: D
Mega Occagnes (10) Ranking: B
I do it for You (11) Ranking: D
Seattle Mews (12) Ranking: D


Oris is a solid pick in the race for 3-year-old fillies. Illustrious One has consistently performed well with precise runs. Mary River has the capacity to win and benefits from a favorable starting position. Honey Express, a recent surprise winner, may use its early speed advantage. My First Lady and Nova are also considered contenders. The expected pace is competitive with several potential runners.

Illustrious One (1) Ranking: B
Mary River (2) Ranking: B
Oris (3) Ranking: B
Lo Diablo (4) Ranking: B
My First Lady (5) Ranking: C
Ellas Black (6) Ranking: D
Ironheart (7) Ranking: D
Honey Express (8) Ranking: C
Önas Servess (9) Ranking: D
Nova (10) Ranking: B


The fourth race presents a challenging evaluation of contenders. Rapid Pal, despite recent disappointment, is still a favorite. D.J.Spritz, starting for Jerry Riordan since October, has shown strength. Fighter Simon and Restless Heart are potential surprises, while Capitano and Seventh Heaven face uncertainty.

Capitano (1) Ranking: C
Rapid Pal (2) Ranking: B
Don Robin (3) Ranking: D
Rado S.W. (4) Ranking: D
Dig for Ember (5) Ranking:
Restless Heart (6) Ranking: C
Seventh Heaven (7) Ranking: B
D.J.Spritz (8) Ranking: B
Borups Racing (9) Ranking: D
Fighter Simoni (10) Ranking: C


Lady Beluga, showing excellent recent form, is a strong contender. Red Mile Brodde and Festival Of Speed have a chance with the right conditions. Charliebrown Effe, despite a recent break, has potential. Sweetman, dependent on a front-running strategy, is considered a threat. Husse Boko, returning from a break, has a class level that should not be underestimated.

Red Mile Brodde (1) Ranking: B
Mr Perfection (2) Ranking: D
Lady Beluga (3) Ranking: A
Charliebrown Effe (4) Ranking: C
Sweetman (5) Ranking: C
Husse Boko (6) Ranking: C
Baron Gift (7) Ranking: D
Pastore Bob (8) Ranking: D
Festival of Speed (9) Ranking: B


Luca Barosso is a strong favorite in the final race, with the potential to dominate if maintaining good form. Prince Villiam and Coktail Cake are contenders.

Prince Villiam (1) Ranking: C
Amina Willow (2) Ranking:
Baywatch (3) Ranking: D
Momimhome (4) Ranking: C
Mai Tai (5) Ranking: D
Luca Barosso (6) Ranking: A
Wrecking Ball (7) Ranking: D
A Perfect Lover (8) Ranking: D
Magnum Stone (9) Ranking: D
Coktail Cake (10) Ranking: B
Untouchable L.G. (11) Ranking: D
Apollo Prophet Cal (12) Ranking: D