Sweden: Xpress V86 29.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Solvalla and Åby V86. And few comments of mine for each race (not related to the model’s rankings)
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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4 Puer da Vincit is considered with potential for a lead position, having won both races from the front.
9 Reginald Dwight stands out in terms of demeanor, but recent performance raises some doubts. 5 S.G.’s Fortunate and 10 Kenobi Mearas are also noteworthy.

Marabou Bonanza (1) Ranking: B
Pinotage A.A. (2) Ranking:
Honey’s Miracle (3) Ranking: D
Puer da Vincit (4) Ranking: B
S.G.’s Fortunate (5) Ranking: B
All the Way Cal (6) Ranking: C
Bravo Trival (7) Ranking: D
Floalts Clouseau (8) Ranking: D
Reginald Dwight (9) Ranking: B
Kenobi Mearas (10) Ranking: B
Bottom Line (11) Ranking: C
Nat King Cole (12) Ranking:

4 Never Mind’em is a favorite with a strong track record and a good starting position. 2 Global Above All is a challenger with slower initial speed but a potential strong finish. 11 Pingis and Mellby Indigo 9 are also contenders.

M.H.Hot Cash (1) Ranking: D
Global Above All (2) Ranking: C
Mysterious Lucifer (3) Ranking:
Never Mind’em (4) Ranking: S
The One (5) Ranking: D
Valmar E.W. (6) Ranking: D
Pandroklus Eck (7) Ranking: D
Rio Alta Wine (8) Ranking: D
Mellby Indigo (9) Ranking: C
Laban Lagö (10) Ranking: D
Pingis (11) Ranking: B

In the apprentice drivers’ final race, 7 Labyad Bros needs to be highlighted for its strong performances. 3 Herman Hazelaar, 4 Fritjof S.H. and 5 Rendez Vouz should also be considered. 10 T.Rex Face is seen as an intriguing outsider.

Kondor Dream (1) Ranking:
Chic (2) Ranking:
Herman Hazelaar (3) Ranking: B
Fritjof S.H. (4) Ranking: B
Rendez Vous (5) Ranking: B
Denco’s Galliano (6) Ranking: C
Labyad Bros (7) Ranking: B
Run for Sebastian (8) Ranking: C
M.T.Reed (9) Ranking: D
T.Rex Face (10) Ranking: C
Mamaneedshismoney (11) Ranking: D

10 Zaire Heldia has shown impressive form in recent races and is considered a strong contender. 4 Cumulus F.G. is a significant challenger. 8 Netflix and 6 Ebullient need to be mentioned as potential underdogs.

Pret a Porter (1) Ranking: D
Global Daretowin (2) Ranking: D
Julius Cortina (3) Ranking: C
Cumulus F.G. (4) Ranking: B
Kogarashi (5) Ranking: D
Ebullient (6) Ranking: C
Emothi (7) Ranking: D
Netflix (8) Ranking: B
Mary Wadd (9) Ranking: D
Zaire Heldia (10) Ranking: A
Matteus Laday (11) Ranking: D
High Performance (12) Ranking:

6 Fairplay is favored despite a small field. 7 Gasparito and 4 Börtas Ankare are also notable,

Romo (1) Ranking:
Kelso Boko (2) Ranking: D
Queen of Gunners (3) Ranking: D
Börtas Ankare (4) Ranking: B
Equilizer (5) Ranking: D
Fairplay (6) Ranking: B
Gasparito (7) Ranking: B
Perfect Harmony (8) Ranking: D
Global Champion (9) Ranking: C
Outlander (10) Ranking: C
Hyannis Port (11) Ranking: C

13 Ninja Zon is considered, despite recent challenges, with 9 Jeannica and 7 Make it a Star also attracting interest. 11 Unleashed Kemp and 12 Ninja’s Kiss are potential contenders. Difficult race.

Golden Opportunity (1) Ranking: D
Noocandy (2) Ranking: D
Zelma Laday (3) Ranking: D
Kathrine S.H. (4) Ranking: C
Livi Princess H.M. (5) Ranking: D
Conrads Anette (6) Ranking: C
Make it a Star (7) Ranking: B
Pretty and Evil (8) Ranking: D
Jeannica (9) Ranking: C
Shehuntyoudown (10) Ranking: C
Unleashed Kemp (11) Ranking: C
Ninja’s Kiss (12) Ranking: C
Ninja Zon (13) Ranking: B
Mitzy Gold (14) Ranking: D

7 Lincoln Abe Boko is the favored choice, with 3 Luca Vialli Boko and 10 Bold Knick also in contention.

Fighter Marke (1) Ranking: B
Mellby Ivy (2) Ranking: C
Luca Vialli Boko (3) Ranking: B
Special Topmodel (4) Ranking: D
Mojito Day (5) Ranking: C
Don Cash (6) Ranking:
Lincoln Abe Boko (7) Ranking: B
Special Chance (8) Ranking: D
Ironman Pellini (9) Ranking: D
Bold Knick (10) Ranking: B

7 Funcio is favored, but 3 Nikylon need to be also considered as a strong contender. 5 Max Orlando and 2 Topping Artist need to be also mentioned.

Admiral T.R. (1) Ranking: D
Topping Artist (2) Ranking: C
Nikylon (3) Ranking: B
Midas Mana (4) Ranking: D
Max Orlando (5) Ranking: B
Move it Brodde (6) Ranking:
Funcio (7) Ranking: B
Ajlexes Abraxas (8) Ranking: C
Sun’s Ambitious (9) Ranking: D
Solkattens Star (10) Ranking: C
Fighter Newmen (11) Ranking: D
Summerrazz (12) Ranking: C