Sweden: Örebro V64 30.11.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Örebro V64 Jackpot (77k€) and few of my personal comments for each race ( not related to model’s rankings)
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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6 Nouchka Di Quattro is a reliable favorite for 3-year-old fillies. It faces a more suitable field after the Breeders Crown event. Despite a tough semifinal, its capabilities are evident. 4 Syrah and 5 You To Optimize’em are also contenders. 7 Konstantia Sisu has potential, and 2 Global Eye Candy is a wildcard with low odds.

Justbeforemidnight (1) Ranking: D
Global Eye Candy (2) Ranking: D
O.M.Keep on Runnin (3) Ranking: D
Syrah (4) Ranking: B
You to Optimize’em (5) Ranking: B
Nouchka di Quattro (6) Ranking: A
Konstantia Sisu (7) Ranking: B

11 Young Andy is favored despite a challenging position. 6 Whirlwindz and 2 American Cash are strong contenders. 3 Isle with new gear might improve. 8 Mr Boenasera and 12 Global Bursard need to be mentioned in the mix

John Filip (1) Ranking: D
American Cash (2) Ranking: B
Isle (3) Ranking: C
Ambro Frazer (4) Ranking: D
Life Care One (5) Ranking: C
Whirlwindz (6) Ranking: B
Al’s Vanellope (7) Ranking: D
Mr Boenasera (8) Ranking: C
Sweet But Psycho (9) Ranking: D
Billboard (10) Ranking: D
Young Andy (11) Ranking: B
Global Bursard (12) Ranking: D

1 Isabell Trot is a top pick, but inconsistency raises concerns. 11 Hunting Widow’s recent form is uncertain. 5 Isabelle Sisu is a reliable choice. 4 Daytona Roc, 9 Precious Thing and 10 Vilja T.Y.C. are worth considering.

Isabell Trot (1) Ranking: B
Whitelighttrotter (2) Ranking: D
Eruption (3) Ranking: D
Daytona Roc (4) Ranking: B
Isabelle Sisu (5) Ranking: B
R.K.Queen (6) Ranking: D
Turmalin Yankee (7) Ranking: D
Lucia Lane (8) Ranking: D
Precious Thing (9) Ranking: C
Vilja T.Y.C. (10) Ranking: B
Hunting Widow (11) Ranking: B

7 Balder Face is a standout performer. 3 Excellent Cleaning is due for a win. 2 Lexi Boko is a contender. Others face tougher competition.

Sommarflörten (1) Ranking:
Lexi Boko (2) Ranking: B
Excellent Cleaning (3) Ranking: B
Cat’s Majson (4) Ranking: C
Heavens Date M.P. (5) Ranking: D
Speedy Star Vicane (6) Ranking: D
Balder Face (7) Ranking: A
Global Attitude (8) Ranking: D
Rose of the Year (9) Ranking: D
Zantanaz (10) Ranking: D
Mari (11) Ranking: D
Rio Fri (12) Ranking: D

1 Erjon and 12 Dee Godfather are strong contenders. 2 Navy Zon and 10 Nemo M.L. have potential.

Erjon (1) Ranking: A
Navy Zon (2) Ranking: C
Digital Arrival (3) Ranking: D
Sjaman (4) Ranking: D
Balzano da Quattro (5) Ranking: D
Rio Luca (6) Ranking: D
Broadway Oro (7) Ranking:
Borups Vallmo (8) Ranking: C
Nibali Vivantis (9) Ranking: D
Nemo M.L. (10) Ranking: C
Scary Montreal (11) Ranking: D
Dee Godfather (12) Ranking: B

6 Vikens Cashflow is the favorite but unimpressive. 2 Conrads Palle is a strong choice with low support. 11 Notorious Zon is a contender. 13 Teanie has potential with an improved driver.

Magic Image (1) Ranking: D
Conrads Palle (2) Ranking: B
T.P.Born in May (3) Ranking: D
Surprise Surprise (4) Ranking: D
Jessie’s Girl (5) Ranking:
Vikens Cashflow (6) Ranking: A
Bottnas Hunter (7) Ranking: D
Zinderellaz (8) Ranking: D
Excellenzen (9) Ranking: D
Pippi Tooma (10) Ranking:
Notorious Zon (11) Ranking: B
Kom Leia (12) Ranking: D
Teanie (13) Ranking: B
Vivacious (14) Ranking: D
Express Lime (15) Ranking: D

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