Sweden: Bollnäs GS75 3.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Bollnäs V75. And few comments of mine for each race.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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4 Diego: Likely to take the lead, despite not having a win this season. Previous performances indicate potential success.
6 Bjorn: Returns after an eight-month break. Trainer expects a gentle approach, and previous success at Solvalla suggests competitive capacity.
8 Hercules Godiva: Improved form in the fall but recent health issues and challenging position make the task difficult.
3 Zorina C.: Decent performance in Bergsåker, start interval might be an advantage.

Total Surprise (1) Ranking: D
Fenix Memphis (2) Ranking: D
Zorina C. (3) Ranking: B
Diego (4) Ranking: A
Only One Tooma (5) Ranking: D
Bjorn (6) Ranking: B
Arizona Zenz (7) Ranking: D
Hercules Godiva (8) Ranking: B
Quite Flashy (9) Ranking: D
Noble Zon (10) Ranking: D
Önas Ramone (11) Ranking: D
Yourshowartist (12) Ranking: D

3 Eld Loke C.G.: Improved rhythm, but experience in an auto-start race is a new challenge.
4 Brenne Bingo: Despite occasional jumps, showed good speed.
5 Ängsmodde: Impressive performance with a solid victory. Competing well in this field
7 L.Q.Eddiellä: Experience from behind, may perform better in this position.

Klack Imre (1) Ranking: D
Klack Vilmer (2) Ranking: D
Eld Loke C.G. (3) Ranking: A
Brenne Bingo (4) Ranking: B
Ängsmodde (5) Ranking: B
Bäcklös Sol (6) Ranking: C
L.Q.Eddie (7) Ranking: C
Starkotter (8) Ranking: D
Wilda Anki (9) Ranking: D

2 Vixi Garbon: Successful partnership with driver Mats E Djusen. Winning streak likely to continue.
10 Overstime: Capable of winning with a favorable run. Competitive in this field.
1 Enga Trot: Good results in autumn races, competitive for a place.
8 Ridge Tarn Aramisia: Young horse with potential.

Enga Trot (1) Ranking: B
Vixi Garbo (2) Ranking: A
Bravo Alicia (3) Ranking: D
Rutilia (4) Ranking: D
Västerbo Chit Chat (5) Ranking: D
Cast Fighter (6) Ranking: D
Le Sano (7) Ranking: D
Ridge Tarn Aramis (8) Ranking: D
Ies Furste (9) Ranking: D
Overstime (10) Ranking: B
Yanki Bar (11) Ranking: D
A Perfect Man (12) Ranking:
Voddy Sign (13) Ranking:
Hisco de Florange (14) Ranking: C
Louis Cheri (15) Ranking: D

6 Tiberius: Good capacity, likely to perform well in this field.
3 Steady Roc: Previous win from the front, but recent form inconsistent. Potential for a good performance.
2 Marilyn River: Positive start to the career, competitive for a place.
1 Edlas Thunderbolt: Debuting from behind, competing for a place.
5 Gin Gerale: Consistent performer, potential for a top-three finish.

Edlas Thunderbolt (1) Ranking: B
Marilyn River (2) Ranking: B
Steady Roc (3) Ranking: B
Princessup (4) Ranking: C
Gin Gerale (5) Ranking: C
Tiberius (6) Ranking: B
Yeti (7) Ranking: D
Junie Miracle (8) Ranking: D
Peyton Manning G. (9) Ranking: D

9 Teknopuma: Recent win with some luck, but good training performances.
15 Guldhagens Oscar: Improving form, may prefer leading.
2 Belse Tösen: Considerable reserve speed and competitive from the front.
6 Bork Tekla: Fast but struggles to win.
14 Deviljas Kloker: With Mats E Djuse as the driver, odds seem low at the moment.

Kvickens Loma (1) Ranking:
Belse Tösen (2) Ranking: D
Norrlands Peggy (3) Ranking: D
Målbo Vanja (4) Ranking: D
Lill Viking (5) Ranking: C
Bork Tekla (6) Ranking: B
Tolvmans Saga (7) Ranking: D
Lokatt (8) Ranking: D
Teknopuma (9) Ranking: B
Ängsblomster (10) Ranking: D
Hökberg Sture (11) Ranking:
Gärdsjö Sol (12) Ranking: C
Urkraft (13) Ranking: D
Deviljas Kloker (14) Ranking: C
Guldhagens Oscar (15) Ranking: B

5 Exhibition: Dominant recent performances. Expected to win in this field.
10 Ajlexes Hans: Quick starter but challenging from the back. Capable of placing.
8 Guvenör Godiva: Previous win but challenging position. Risky.

Kocu Boko (1) Ranking: D
Return of Bols (2) Ranking: D
Jimmy Arthur (3) Ranking: D
Sognatore (4) Ranking: C
Exhibition (5) Ranking: A
Always Proud (6) Ranking: D
Landers Giant W.F. (7) Ranking: D
Guvenör Godiva (8) Ranking: C
Snick Chick (9) Ranking: C
Ajlexes Hans (10) Ranking: B

8 Cab Frontline: In excellent form, aiming for a third consecutive win.
5 Cornestone: Improving form, likely to compete well.
9 Made of Stars: Returning from a French tour, might need time to adjust.
7 Parker, 11 Donners Am: Strong but inconsistent performers.

On Track Frenesie (1) Ranking: D
Everglo Lemon (2) Ranking:
Listas Alice (3) Ranking: D
Leighton Boko (4) Ranking: C
Cornerstone (5) Ranking: B
Bottnas Hope (6) Ranking: D
Parker (7) Ranking: B
Cab Frontline (8) Ranking: B
Made of Stars (9) Ranking: B
Super Zantos (10) Ranking: D
Donners Am (11) Ranking: C