Sweden: Eskilstuna V4 4.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Eskilstuna Lunch V4.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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Tobi Hall (1) Ranking: B
Bellatrix Doc (2) Ranking: B
Lowely B.T.B. (3) Ranking: C
Larizz (4) Ranking: D
Don Brogan (5) Ranking: A
Bellamy McLin (6) Ranking:
Conrads Kim (7) Ranking: C
Käbb’s Valente (8) Ranking: D
Checklist (9) Ranking: C
Nero Zon (10) Ranking:
Cash Coin (11) Ranking: D

Rockyoursocks (1) Ranking: D
The Golden Dream (2) Ranking: D
Nova Starsix (3) Ranking: B
Utopia Skift (4) Ranking: B
Peter Tooma (5) Ranking: A
Gear Tracking (6) Ranking: D
Eyesight (7) Ranking: B
Kattbo Dream (8) Ranking: C
Brexit Night (9) Ranking: C

Filuren (1) Ranking: D
Alfas Lucky Luke (2) Ranking: C
Verbeeck (3) Ranking: C
Centeroftime W.F. (4) Ranking: D
Snowy Me (5) Ranking: C
Icebreaker D.S. (6) Ranking: B
Bonnie B. (7) Ranking: B
Glorias Donna (8) Ranking: D
Wilmas Tira (9) Ranking: D
National Gallery (10) Ranking: D
Even You (11) Ranking: A
Enzo Boe (12) Ranking: D

Ufo del Rio (1) Ranking: C
Bältra Selene (2) Ranking: B
Red Alert W.F. (3) Ranking: C
Weather Chart (4) Ranking: B
It’s Time (5) Ranking: C
The Lucky One (6) Ranking: D
Red Hot Roadster (7) Ranking: A
Cash Cowboy (8) Ranking:
Mega Star (9) Ranking: D
Zenone Bar (10) Ranking: D