Sweden: Färjestad V64 4.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings and few comments of mine (not related to the rankings) for Färjestad V64 jackpot (127k€).
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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The favorite, 7 Deon W., has shown excellent form recently, winning convincingly in Sweden despite some concerns.
The competition is not overwhelming, but there are risks involved, leading to an initial 70% support for Deon W.
Consider adding 3 Chip Shop and 4 Listas Sirena as backup options.

Heart Jubb (1) Ranking:
St No More War (2) Ranking: D
Chip Shop (3) Ranking: B
Listas Sirena (4) Ranking: B
Abbe av Sveden (5) Ranking: D
Mario Andretti (6) Ranking: C
Deon W. (7) Ranking: S

6 Explode is the favorite in the second race, having returned from a break recently. The last race did not go perfectly, and the horse deserves another chance.
3 Extra Sweet aims for a wire-to-wire victory, showing potential after an unlucky previous race.
Include 12 Mr Birdman as the third pick, showing promising form on winter tracks.

Ignite Dynamite (1) Ranking:
Starchip S.S. (2) Ranking: D
Extra Sweet (3) Ranking: A
Mantomantalk (4) Ranking: D
Loke Lovebite (5) Ranking: D
Explode (6) Ranking: A
Dansa (7) Ranking: D
Black Eagle (8) Ranking: D
Larissa Band (9) Ranking: D
Sycamore Broline (10) Ranking: D
Autumn Vibes (11) Ranking: C
Mr Birdman (12) Ranking: B

3-year-old race with a straightforward pick: 1 Henessi Bourbon, undefeated in two starts and showing exceptional talent.
7 Mamba Forever V.S. is a clear second choice, having improved recently, while 2 Fancy Free or 3 Diamond Dana might challenge with a front-running strategy.

Henessi Bourbon (1) Ranking: A
Fancy Free (2) Ranking: B
Diamond Dana (3) Ranking: B
Semifreddo S.F. (4) Ranking: C
Dencos Miss Caruso (5) Ranking: D
Västerbo Henry (6) Ranking:
Mamba Forever V.S. (7) Ranking: B

The draw has placed some of the most capable horses in the back rows, leveling the playing field.
10 Bonnie Wibb stands out, showing promise with recent performances and the addition of American-style racing gear.
9 Henry Palema,1 Metalimo Star and 2 Chicandquick are also strong contenders.

Metalimo Star (1) Ranking: B
Chicandquick (2) Ranking: B
Ain’t Gonna Lose (3) Ranking: C
Frozen Heart (4) Ranking: D
Ivanhoe Jaam (5) Ranking: C
Teton Britannica (6) Ranking: D
T.P.Born in May (7) Ranking: D
S.G.Friberg (8) Ranking:
Henry Palema (9) Ranking: B
Bonnie Wibb (10) Ranking: B
Midsummer Bråten (11) Ranking: D
Establishment (12) Ranking: D

The duel between 1 Ikaros di Quattro and 4 Jello W. seems likely. Ikaros di Quattro is in excellent form and might secure the lead.
Jello W. is considered as the favourite, having displayed its best in recent races.
Others, like 8 Myse d’Erpion, 7 Endwithastar, 6 Will I Am, are considered lower in the rankings.

Ikaros di Quattro (1) Ranking: B
Benzema (2) Ranking: D
Amigo Racer (3) Ranking:
Jello W. (4) Ranking: A
Eraja Jaam (5) Ranking: D
Will I Am (6) Ranking: C
Endwithastar (7) Ranking: B
Myse d’Erpion (8) Ranking: B
Dream Sensation (9) Ranking:
Glazier’s Support (10) Ranking: D

The final race features several strong contenders.
1 Josh Jaam stands out as a potential favorite, with a recent strong performance despite some setbacks.
8 Saint Louis Blues, 7 Inferno Launcher and 2 Glaziers Wonderboy are also strong choices.
Be cautious with the favorite, 4 Irjas Stjärnan, as recent inconsistent performances raise doubts.

Josh Jaam (1) Ranking: B
Glaziers Wonderboy (2) Ranking: C
Next Vacation (3) Ranking: D
Irjas Stjärna (4) Ranking: B
U.S.Traders (5) Ranking: D
Bank’s Illusion (6) Ranking: D
Inferno Launcher (7) Ranking: B
Saint Louis Blues (8) Ranking: B
Singing Fling (9) Ranking: D
Doris de Bella (10) Ranking: D
Classic H.H. (11) Ranking: D
Louis Ravin (12) Ranking: D