Sweden: Jägersro V64 5.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Jägersro V64 (jackpot 115k€) .
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3 Under Armour is the rightful favorite for the stayer race, having performed well in previous races.
Concerns: Under Armour’s recent form is a bit unpredictable after three impressive wins. 6 Crack Atout provides strong competition.

Don’t Disturb (1) Ranking: C
Remburs R.D. (2) Ranking: C
Under Armour (3) Ranking: S
Princess Kloster (4) Ranking: D
Borups Racing (5) Ranking: C
Crack Atout (6) Ranking: B
Aquarius Face (7) Ranking:

3 Vivienne Tif, 5 Kendra Sisu and 7 No Time To Steel are strong contenders. 6 Vanessa Southwind has potential but comes with uncertainties.

Niras Hoppetossa (1) Ranking: C
One Step Beyond (2) Ranking:
Vivienne Tif (3) Ranking: A
Sweet as Frosting (4) Ranking: D
Kendra Sisu (5) Ranking: B
Vanessa Southwind (6) Ranking: C
No Time to Steel (7) Ranking: B
Vinnie Southwind (8) Ranking: D
Bellevue (9) Ranking: D
Felicia S.H. (10) Ranking: C
Amina Wood (11) Ranking: C

3 Havbergs Vilma is favored for the mile race with a good starting position and recent decent performance.
6 Talija, chasing its fifth consecutive placing, is considered a solid choice. All in all this race has several potential contenders

Slave to Love Cal (1) Ranking: B
Highway Flamingo (2) Ranking: C
Havbergs Vilma (3) Ranking: B
Seattle Mews (4) Ranking: D
Silpinge Superb (5) Ranking: B
Talija (6) Ranking: B
Spring Legend (7) Ranking:
Simon Templar (8) Ranking: B
White Sock (9) Ranking: D
Mayhem Mary (10) Ranking: C

High Hope Lee (1) Ranking: B
Mazuocco Boko (2) Ranking: B
Cypress Point (3) Ranking:
Lucia di Quattro (4) Ranking: D
Valeria Wareco (5) Ranking: D
Made for Metalimo (6) Ranking: B
Tara Mirchi (7) Ranking: B
Safira Diablo (8) Ranking: B
Inca Mearas (9) Ranking: D

Change in Dynamics: Breidabliks Bombay’s withdrawal shifts the dynamics, making 5 Aramis Face a likely front-runner.
5 Aramis Face, 9 America Dream, 3 D.J.Spritz and 6 Candy Blue Chip are the top choices.

Breidabliks Bombay (1) Ranking:
Crowning Kronos (2) Ranking: C
D.J.Spritz (3) Ranking: B
Herbie Peak (4) Ranking:
Aramis Face (5) Ranking: B
Candy Blue Chip (6) Ranking: B
Hashtag Ostedantik (7) Ranking: C
Black Fire (8) Ranking: B
America Dream (9) Ranking: B

1 Peak Of Glory stands out as a promising 3-year-old filly with consistent performances.
Challengers: 4 Flamenco Girl and 2 Citrin Diablo are strong contenders.

Peak of Glory (1) Ranking: B
Citrin Diablo (2) Ranking: B
Madison Fair (3) Ranking: D
Flamenco Girl (4) Ranking: B
Ten O’Clock (5) Ranking: D
Calais Dei Greppi (6) Ranking: D
Princess Beluga (7) Ranking: C
Mary River (8) Ranking: C
Moyenne (9) Ranking: D
Conway’s Spirit (10) Ranking:
Peak Cashflow (11) Ranking: C
Global Delightful (12) Ranking: D