Sweden: Xpress V86 6.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Xpress V86 Bergsåker and Solvalla (Jackpot 570k€). And few comments of mine for each race. (Not related to model’s rankings)
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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12 Ever Loving showing promising performances in recent races.
Strong contender: 10 Iglesias D. 8 Kipling River , with recent good results working on the outer track.
Debutant: 1 Västerbo Adventure behind the car, has shown decent speed. All in all the first race has several potential runners.

Västerbo Adventure (1) Ranking: D
Cherokee Face (2) Ranking: B
Warhol (3) Ranking: D
Västerbo Pentax (4) Ranking: D
Dalens Elvis (5) Ranking: D
Swosh (6) Ranking: C
Quick Run (7) Ranking: C
Kipling River (8) Ranking: B
Buy This Face (9) Ranking: D
Iglesias D. (10) Ranking: B
High Flyer V.S. (11) Ranking: D
Ever Loving (12) Ranking: B

3 Swagger, making a comeback after a less impressive last season.
Competitors: 5 Aragorn As and 4 Corazon de B..

Condior (1) Ranking: C
Djokovic (2) Ranking: C
Swagger (3) Ranking: A
Corazon de B. (4) Ranking: B
Aragorn As (5) Ranking: B
Crazy Life (6) Ranking: D
Brunello Hall (7) Ranking: D
Don Cash (8) Ranking: C
Radetzky (9) Ranking: D
Doyourbest (10) Ranking: D

2 Månlykke A.M. , despite a disappointing season, is expected to perform well this time.
Competitor: 1 Våler Nikolai, who capitalized on Månlykke A.M.’s error in the last race.
Potential underdog: 8 Oppgårdsdrängen impressed in November races.

Våler Nikolai (1) Ranking: B
Månlykke A.M. (2) Ranking: S
Husnäs Elving (3) Ranking: D
Bonaldo (4) Ranking: D
Tekno Jerven (5) Ranking: C
Soldhöjdens Drake (6) Ranking: D
Månremus (7) Ranking: D
Oppgårdsdrängen (8) Ranking: D
Ängsbrage (9) Ranking: D

3 Bear High, with an impressive debut but facing strong competitors.
Strong contender: 2 Tyson Renegade , showing good speed.
Competitive: 9 Florio and 6 Denaro Diabolik .

Asymmetry (1) Ranking: D
Tyson Renegade (2) Ranking: B
Bear High (3) Ranking: A
Andiamo (4) Ranking: D
King of Cristal (5) Ranking: D
Denaro Diabolik (6) Ranking: C
Selective Calling (7) Ranking: D
Outboard Display (8) Ranking: D
Florio (9) Ranking: B
Staro Royal Mark (10) Ranking: C
Nick Nack Newport (11) Ranking: D
Timotejs Märta (12) Ranking: D

7 Zätamustangen, 5 One Chance More and 2 Jackpot are considered as the more probable winners in my opinion.
Third choice: 8 Luca di Quattro, having a good reputation.
Considerable: 9 Blues Brother.

Captain As (1) Ranking: D
Jackpot (2) Ranking: B
Magic Request (3) Ranking: D
Didicoy (4) Ranking: D
One Chance More (5) Ranking: B
Splendid Choice (6) Ranking: C
Zätamustangen (7) Ranking: B
Luca di Quattro (8) Ranking: C
Blues Brother (9) Ranking: C
Elmer Wibb (10) Ranking: D
Many Behind (11) Ranking: D

1 Esposito, strong candidate for a win if in good form.
Potential underdog: 10 Pandroklus Eck.
Competitor: 9 Whispering Pines aiming to follow Esposito closely.
Debutant: 2 Jes Angel, attempting to challenge Esposito for the lead.

Esposito (1) Ranking: S
Jes Angel (2) Ranking: C
She’s Just Joy (3) Ranking: D
Boundless (4) Ranking: D
Amazing Dream N.O. (5) Ranking:
T.Midi (6) Ranking: D
Extremely Sweet (7) Ranking: C
Zally Gel (8) Ranking: D
Whispering Pines (9) Ranking: C
Pandroklus Eck (10) Ranking: B
Jaguar C.Boko (11) Ranking: D
Gambino Brick (12) Ranking: D

7 Chitchatin showing improved performance in recent races.
Competitor: 9 Money Smile, with two recent impressive wins.
Considerable: 8 Global Above All, 4 Ninepoints Lasse, 6 Feel the Benefit and 5 King of Djazz.

Mr Birkenstock (1) Ranking: D
Rare Magic (2) Ranking: D
Homeland Pellini (3) Ranking: D
Ninepoints Lasse (4) Ranking: B
King of Djazz (5) Ranking: B
Feel the Benefit (6) Ranking: B
Chitchat (7) Ranking: B
Global Above All (8) Ranking: B
Money Smile (9) Ranking: B
Kalle Taxam (10) Ranking: D
Underbarosåfin (11) Ranking: C

3 Star Cash, 11 Sparky’s Dream, 9 Benchmark, and 12 Judge Dredd Sisu.
Considerable underdogs: 4 Natural Mine, 5 Win Together, 8 Dhaki Jet, 7 Banana Joe.

Ironhide Sisu (1) Ranking:
Bottnas Intense (2) Ranking: D
Star Cash (3) Ranking: A
Natural Mine (4) Ranking: B
Win Together (5) Ranking: D
Jerry (6) Ranking:
Banana Joe (7) Ranking: D
Dhaki Jet (8) Ranking: D
Benchmark (9) Ranking: B
Speed Matters (10) Ranking: C
Sparky’s Dream (11) Ranking: B
Judge Dredd Sisu (12) Ranking: B