Sweden: Xpress V64 8.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Xpress V64 Boden & Kalmar. And few comments of mine not related to the models rankings.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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Main focus is on horse 12 Jamie Sisu, aiming for its fifth consecutive win.
Despite some concerns like a poor starting position, Jamie Sisu is considered a strong contender.
Competitors from Finland, such as 6 Uncia and 15 B. Sacamano, need to be acknowledged as significant threats.

Hip Hop Au Vent (1) Ranking: B
Backwood’s Brandon (2) Ranking: D
Fokus Brick (3) Ranking: D
Joan C.Boko (4) Ranking: D
Perfekt Gehör (5) Ranking: D
Uncia (6) Ranking: B
Ytowns Charmör (7) Ranking: D
Jerome di Quattro (8) Ranking: D
The Great Kemp (9) Ranking:
Like di Serafino (10) Ranking: C
Lord of Tooma (11) Ranking: D
Jamie Sisu (12) Ranking: A
Proud L.A. (13) Ranking: D
Serious Sam (14) Ranking: D
B.Sacamano (15) Ranking: B

2 Place Royal is favored to repeat its previous success and is considered a strong favorite, despite the need to race with shoes this time.
10 Cassius Clay’s performance has been inconsistent this season, but the current competition suits him, especially with adjusted shoeing.
5 Springdayfree, 7 Dartagnan O.P. and 3 Delfo Nobel have also potential.

Guiding Light (1) Ranking: D
Place Royal (2) Ranking: A
Delfo Nobel (3) Ranking: C
Twins Zabaidee (4) Ranking: D
Springdayfree (5) Ranking: B
Lumberjack Bros (6) Ranking: D
Dartagnan O.P. (7) Ranking: C
Mr Finnsson (8) Ranking:
Nightwatcher (9) Ranking: D
Cassius Clay D.E. (10) Ranking: B
Marengo B.M.W. (11) Ranking: D
Cavalleri (12) Ranking: D

8 Sensitive Tile has shown success in strong age-group races in the south.
9 Mas Gunnar has improved in recent races and is considered a strong contender.
2 Västerbo Kid and 5 Vara Palema are acknowledged for their promising starts.
The race includes other runners like 12 Federal Reserve , 4 Brogan Bay and 7 Bobby Carillo, each with their own potential but with varying levels of experience.

Oscar Sjöhammar (1) Ranking: C
Västerbo Kid (2) Ranking: B
Zetaime (3) Ranking: D
Brogan Bay (4) Ranking: C
Vara Palema (5) Ranking: B
Mill Eragon (6) Ranking:
Bobby Carillo (7) Ranking: C
Sensitive Tile (8) Ranking: B
Mas Gunnar (9) Ranking: B
Make a Winner H.C. (10) Ranking: D
Urano Streamline (11) Ranking: D
Federal Reserve (12) Ranking: C

Jack G.G. (1) Ranking: D
Easily Offended (2) Ranking: C
Great Avicii (3) Ranking: D
Flight to Paris (4) Ranking: B
Doyouwantmore (5) Ranking: D
Goliat Brick (6) Ranking: D
Kakuna Jons (7) Ranking: D
Vermithrax (8) Ranking: B
Herrelidas Diva (9) Ranking: D
T.Wall’s Keyboard (10) Ranking: D
Alvena Matteus (11) Ranking:
Gabriel Avenue (12) Ranking: C
Henning Silvåkra (13) Ranking: D
Midnight Running (14) Ranking: D
Hellacopters (15) Ranking: B

5 Maybach W.F. is the favorite in the top class, returning to the track after a two-month break.
13 Devils Tongue is regarded as a strong challenger, having beaten favorites in the past.
14 Anything For You need to be recognized for its potential but showed a somewhat lackluster debut in Oulu.

So Chic (1) Ranking: D
Deliver (2) Ranking: D
Gazoline (3) Ranking: C
Atlas Eagra (4) Ranking: D
Maybach W.F. (5) Ranking: A
Eskimo Brother (6) Ranking:
Danilo Brick (7) Ranking: D
Mr Sånna (8) Ranking: D
The Oak L.A. (9) Ranking: B
Sweet and Wild (10) Ranking:
Marttistrip (11) Ranking: D
M.T.Oberon (12) Ranking: D
Devils Tongue (13) Ranking: B
Anything for You (14) Ranking: C
Everest de Ginai (15) Ranking: D

2 Larry Wood is reliable in terms of performance.
4 Mr Mah Can is considered a strong competitor despite recent misfortunes.
5 Nina Ginto is a quality runner but faces challenges in beating the top two.
The 4-year-old 9 Jetpack is promising but may need more experience in higher classes.

Zefiro Dei Cedri (1) Ranking: D
Larry Wood (2) Ranking: A
Restless Heart (3) Ranking: C
Mr Mah Can (4) Ranking: A
Nina Ginto (5) Ranking: B
Isi Band (6) Ranking: D
Adiago Trot (7) Ranking:
Caramelle T.T. (8) Ranking:
Jetpack (9) Ranking: C
R.K.King (10) Ranking: D
Oskar Run (11) Ranking: D
Mr Perfection (12) Ranking: D