Sweden: Åby V75 9.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Åby V75.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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Unleashed Kemp (1) Ranking: B
Mary Ann Lane (2) Ranking: C
Donna Summer (3) Ranking: D
Omega Superstar (4) Ranking: D
Filippa B.J. (5) Ranking: B
Carroty (6) Ranking: B
Ninja Zon (7) Ranking: C
Olga Utca (8) Ranking: D
Glorius Rain (9) Ranking: C
Bold Face (10) Ranking: C
Stens Retention (11) Ranking: D
Benita Winner (12) Ranking: D

Luca Barosso (1) Ranking: A
Akal Face (2) Ranking: D
Rustico (3) Ranking: B
Discotheque (4) Ranking: D
Stens Wille (5) Ranking: D
Denco’s Ozzy O. (6) Ranking: D
Moira Boko (7) Ranking: C
Vancouver High (8) Ranking: C
Rajon (9) Ranking: C
Classic Saar (10) Ranking: C
Redford (11) Ranking: D
Calling Out (12) Ranking: D

Staro Leonardo (1) Ranking: D
Heart of Steel (2) Ranking: C
Beartime (3) Ranking: B
Emoji (4) Ranking: C
Osterc (5) Ranking: D
Dexter Chatho (6) Ranking: D
Ultion Face (7) Ranking: B
Stoletheshow (8) Ranking: B
Sweetman (9) Ranking: D
Four Guys Dream (10) Ranking: B
Husse Boko (11) Ranking:
Digital Dominance (12) Ranking: D

Hashtag Simoni (1) Ranking: B
Soundtrack (2) Ranking: B
Need’em (3) Ranking: B
Staro Quantas (4) Ranking: D
Myrsjös Timeout (5) Ranking: D
Belgique (6) Ranking: C
Massine (7) Ranking: D
Jax Journey (8) Ranking: D
Iconic (9) Ranking: D
Global Delayed (10) Ranking: C
Here’s Johnny Sox (11) Ranking: B
Global Bam Bautin (12) Ranking: D

Staro Peanut (1) Ranking: C
Danao Degli Dei (2) Ranking: B
Farfars Dream (3) Ranking: C
Kim B.R. (4) Ranking: C
Forever Shadow (5) Ranking: D
Henrik Will (6) Ranking: B
Combat Fighter (7) Ranking: C
Purple Rain (8) Ranking: B
The Baron (9) Ranking: B
Frankie Godiva (10) Ranking: D
Special Topsecret (11) Ranking: D
Special Topmodel (12) Ranking: D

Majors Rose (1) Ranking: D
Be Brighter Zon (2) Ranking: C
Uberty Face (3) Ranking: D
Kings Witch (4) Ranking: C
He Miss Deiha (5) Ranking: D
Corona Park (6) Ranking: C
Tasherit (7) Ranking: D
Sangria Pellini (8) Ranking: B
Jurista (9) Ranking: C
Japiro Queen (10) Ranking: D
Jane Hall (11) Ranking: D
Rosemary Tile (12) Ranking: B
Golden Opportunity (13) Ranking: D
Daytona Roc (14) Ranking: D
Bikana Wine (15) Ranking: C

Starbec’s A.to Z. (1) Ranking: D
Bottnas Idol (2) Ranking: C
Gerben (3) Ranking: D
Versace Face (4) Ranking: B
Innovation Love (5) Ranking: D
Even Steven (6) Ranking: B
Major Ass (7) Ranking: D
Dominic Wibb (8) Ranking: B
Lorens Flevo (9) Ranking: D
Ad Hoc (10) Ranking: D
Corazon Bar (11) Ranking: C
Gaylord Am (12) Ranking: B