Sweden: Mantorp GS75 10.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Mantorp. Also few comments of mine for each race.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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The favorite, 2 Börtas Ankare, has a history of racing difficulties but has shown improvement recently, winning effortlessly in Åby.
5 Ready To Roll performed well in the last race and is considered a strong contender.
3 Villeroy had a positive start in Sweden, finishing second in challenging weather conditions.

Cersei Gene (1) Ranking: D
Börtas Ankare (2) Ranking: A
Villeroy (3) Ranking: B
Kelso Boko (4) Ranking: D
Ready to Roll (5) Ranking: B
Cayucos (6) Ranking: D
Kondor Dream (7) Ranking: B

2 Mr Boenasera improved in the last race, earning a better record.
4 De Niro Bi had a decent performance in Halmstad.
3 Rubin Diablo has consistently received support but needs improvement.
9 London Boko might need more time to reach top form.

Digital Aircraft (1) Ranking: D
Mr Boenasera (2) Ranking: A
Rubin Diablo (3) Ranking: C
De Niro Bi (4) Ranking: B
Luminosity Gift (5) Ranking: D
Toni Barosso (6) Ranking:
Little Miss Daisy (7) Ranking: C
Empty Pocket (8) Ranking: D
London Boko (9) Ranking: C
Don’t Thell Me (10) Ranking: D

8 McGarret has performed well recently.
6 Let It Be V.P. is debuting in monté and is an interesting try, showing signs of improvement.
7 Bara du Chene is a quality horse but might struggle to overtake from 2nd inner.
10 Alonella may contend for top positions.

Solkattens Eros (1) Ranking: D
Absolute Speed (2) Ranking: D
Spectacular (3) Ranking: C
Livingstone (4) Ranking:
Manual Flight (5) Ranking:
Let it be V.P. (6) Ranking: B
Bara du Chene (7) Ranking: B
McGarret (8) Ranking: A
Ribaude (9) Ranking:
Alone (10) Ranking: B
Sahara Peyote (11) Ranking: D

9 Mellby Indigo is in excellent form, winning easily in Åby and finishing strongly in Solvalla.
6 Ekas Zalming returned from a break with a good performance.
2 Babsans Bankir won convincingly in Örebro and maintained good form.
11 L.L.Labero seeks his first win from Untersteiner’s stable.
8 Franklin Zet has been consistent, with a question mark on the shoes.

Nettan Sånna (1) Ranking: D
Babsans Bankir (2) Ranking: B
Capovento Pax (3) Ranking: C
Felix Am (4) Ranking: D
Laiza Westwood (5) Ranking: D
Ekas Zalming (6) Ranking: B
Isabell Trot (7) Ranking: D
Franklin Zet (8) Ranking: B
Mellby Indigo (9) Ranking: A
Aguero (10) Ranking: D
L.L.Labero (11) Ranking: B

1 VästerboStreetview faces a suitable field, aiming to recover from a slight decline in the last race.
10 La Coquette Zon has an uncertain record without shoes and a 1.5-month break.
6 Mama’s Happy Boy is a contender for a place.
3 Magic Talisman is a potential surprise, having performed well recently.
5 Fiona Pavlova and 2 It Ain’t Me need to be also mentioned.

VästerboStreetview (1) Ranking: B
It Ain’t Me (2) Ranking: C
Magic Talisman (3) Ranking: B
Mr Montechristo (4) Ranking: C
Fiona Pavlova (5) Ranking: B
Mama’s Happy Boy (6) Ranking: B
Yankee Doodle (7) Ranking: C
Runkeeper M.J. (8) Ranking: D
Ace of Marke (9) Ranking:
La Coquette Zon (10) Ranking: B
Spotlight Vixi (11) Ranking: D

1 Jopp has performed well in Sweden, winning convincingly in Romme.
4 Woodbank was impressive in Mantorp and maintains good form.
2 Stensjös Farit is an interesting horse from a good position.

Jopp (1) Ranking: A
Stensjös Farit (2) Ranking: C
Listas Ice Glide (3) Ranking: D
Woodbank (4) Ranking: B
Excellent Cleaning (5) Ranking: C
Simb Lone Star (6) Ranking: C
Longines (7) Ranking: D
Fraganzia Call (8) Ranking: D
Digital Scream (9) Ranking: D
Caabo LeVallo (10) Ranking: C
Ka Boom Mearas (11) Ranking: D
Ares Maanos (12) Ranking: D

6 Winner Brodde is a strong candidate in the final race, having performed well in Breeders’ Crown.
3 Mister Vredebest consistently places but victories are challenging.
9 Quantity of Time has improved this season but faces a challenging combination of shoes and back row.
7 Black Mission and 8 Zenaton have potential but face uncertainties.

Nat King Cole (1) Ranking:
Best Time Ever (2) Ranking: D
Mister Vredebest (3) Ranking: C
All in Face (4) Ranking: D
Teanie (5) Ranking: C
Winner Brodde (6) Ranking: S
Black Mission (7) Ranking: C
Zenato (8) Ranking: C
Quantity of Time (9) Ranking: D
Rocky Bear (10) Ranking: D