Sweden: Färjestad V64 11.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Färjestad V64 -Jackpot 101k€.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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Jascal (1) Ranking: S
Vivacious (2) Ranking: D
Go All Night (3) Ranking: D
Ever So Much (4) Ranking: C
Scary Montreal (5) Ranking: D
Explosivelove A.F (6) Ranking: D
Nemo M.L. (7) Ranking: D
Jalapeno K. (8) Ranking: B
Grimfrost (9) Ranking: D
Livi Oboy (10) Ranking: D
Vision of Gideon (11) Ranking: B

Magic Image (1) Ranking: D
Calibra V.W. (2) Ranking: B
Eternal Queen (3) Ranking: B
Believe (4) Ranking: B
Speedy Vici (5) Ranking: B
Skywalker (6) Ranking: D
Boira V.W. (7) Ranking: D
Massachusetts (8) Ranking: C
Imparator Boko (9) Ranking: D
Metalimo Star (10) Ranking: D
Kenwood (11) Ranking: B
Picture Perfect (12) Ranking: D

Maximilian Grey (1) Ranking: B
Trotting Mon (2) Ranking: B
Starchip S.S. (3) Ranking: D
Excellenzen (4) Ranking: C
Centeroftime W.F. (5) Ranking: D
Ivanhoe Jaam (6) Ranking: B
Mael (7) Ranking:
As Always Marke (8) Ranking: B
Larrissa Fallis (9) Ranking: D
Optimum Bankrobber (10) Ranking: C
Antonio Jet (11) Ranking: D
Ruffian (12) Ranking:
Lover Brodde (13) Ranking:
Corvina V.W. (14) Ranking: D
Charter Party (15) Ranking:

Fax Emil (1) Ranking: C
K.A.Odin (2) Ranking: D
Anders L.M. (3) Ranking: C
Peggblixten (4) Ranking: C
Alfheim Loke (5) Ranking: C
Pegasus (6) Ranking: C
Rokke Faxa (7) Ranking: A
Sander (8) Ranking: C
Sundi (9) Ranking: D
Ei Lita H.M. (10) Ranking: B
Järvsö Tudo (11) Ranking: D
Slotts Rigo (12) Ranking:

Knightgi (1) Ranking: D
Linares (2) Ranking: B
Paramount Tile (3) Ranking: D
Endwithastar (4) Ranking: C
Drizzle (5) Ranking: B
Otto Håleryd (6) Ranking: D
S.J.’s Tribute (7) Ranking: B
Gateruds Kashmir (8) Ranking: D
Suarez (9) Ranking: D
Lilian Young (10) Ranking: D
Betting Pacer (11) Ranking: B
Love You Too (12) Ranking: D

Lady Vici (1) Ranking: C
Borups Vallmo (2) Ranking: D
Lucia Lane (3) Ranking: D
Zelma Laday (4) Ranking: B
Lasses Tara (5) Ranking: B
Jeannica (6) Ranking: B
Make it a Star (7) Ranking: B
Lazy Beach (8) Ranking: B
Kom Leia (9) Ranking: D
Kathrine S.H. (10) Ranking: C
Caradja (11) Ranking: D
R.K.Queen (12) Ranking: D
Red Alert W.F. (13) Ranking: D
Myse d’Erpion (14) Ranking: D