Sweden: Romme V4 11.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Romme Lunch V4 races.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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Fenix Memphis (1) Ranking:
Find My Way Home (2) Ranking: D
Prince Rigby (3) Ranking: D
Enga Trot (4) Ranking: D
Matteus Laday (5) Ranking: B
Nachos (6) Ranking:
Forbidden to Rest (7) Ranking: B
Jab’s Furious (8) Ranking:
Queensland Tile (9) Ranking: D
Netflix (10) Ranking: B
Kaffe Latte Sisu (11) Ranking: B
Hydra (12) Ranking: D

Digital Fire (1) Ranking:
Etops (2) Ranking: D
Bianca C. (3) Ranking:
Jet Coktail (4) Ranking: D
Edlas Thunderbolt (5) Ranking: B
Kopparmärra (6) Ranking:
Kite Runner (7) Ranking: B
Killer Journey (8) Ranking: A
Choice of Caviar (9) Ranking: B

Battleship Chains (1) Ranking: D
Splendid O. (2) Ranking: B
Vanilla Run (3) Ranking: C
Hancock (4) Ranking: C
Gingras (5) Ranking: A
Ace Gio Gar (6) Ranking: D
Miss Dior C.G. (7) Ranking: D
Mogas Ballerina (8) Ranking: D
Winning Dream (9) Ranking: D
Ares (10) Ranking: B
Happy Gamble (11) Ranking: D

Tiger Journey (1) Ranking: C
Mellby Hurricane (2) Ranking: D
Luka Modric (3) Ranking: D
Conrad Launcher (4) Ranking: D
Kee Keeper (5) Ranking: B
Billy Idol (6) Ranking: B
Cape Town (7) Ranking: D
Arno dell’Est (8) Ranking: D
Kissinger Boko (9) Ranking: C
Coffey (10) Ranking: B
Miss Mighty (11) Ranking:
Turbina C.F. (12) Ranking: D