Sweden: Halmstad V65 15.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Halmstad V65 Jackpot 71k€.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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All the Way Cal (1) Ranking: B
Momimhome (2) Ranking: D
Goop (3) Ranking: A
Merge’em (4) Ranking: C
Camelot As (5) Ranking: C
Hattrick DiDamgård (6) Ranking: C
El Toro Pellini (7) Ranking: D
Global Champion (8) Ranking: B
Wrecking Ball (9) Ranking: D
Tui Southwind (10) Ranking: D
Michel F.Boko (11) Ranking: C
A Perfect Lover (12) Ranking: D

Hercules Udsen (1) Ranking: A
Global Empress (2) Ranking: B
Baron Vox (3) Ranking: C
Execute Muscles (4) Ranking: C
R.K.Bumblebee (5) Ranking: D
Billie Jean P.C. (6) Ranking: D
Blanton’s (7) Ranking: B
The Alchemist (8) Ranking: B
Mayfire (9) Ranking:
Vikkan Pop (10) Ranking: D
Victory Apollo (11) Ranking: D
Norris (12) Ranking: D

State Trooper (1) Ranking: B
Chandy R.D. (2) Ranking: D
Mr Santa (3) Ranking: D
Faster Than S.J. (4) Ranking: D
Nacho Boko (5) Ranking: B
Flight to Paris (6) Ranking: B
Gold on Moon F. (7) Ranking: D
Si Dieu Le Veut (8) Ranking: C
Dexter Morgan (9) Ranking: B
Flashmans Capsella (10) Ranking: C
Lovely Ratzeputz (11) Ranking: D
Mirtamissions (12) Ranking: D

Cabaret Bi (1) Ranking:
Alfons (2) Ranking: B
Infinite Blues (3) Ranking: C
Pyroar Tooma (4) Ranking: C
Best I Walk (5) Ranking:
Peter Tie (6) Ranking: D
Prince of Divine (7) Ranking: B
Un Pastis (8) Ranking: D
Song Lane (9) Ranking:
Careful Dream (10) Ranking: B
Bearprime (11) Ranking: C
Ida Orlando (12) Ranking: B

Global Annuity (1) Ranking: D
Charming Lane (2) Ranking: B
Adriatic Kronos (3) Ranking: C
Staro King of Rock (4) Ranking:
Escobar Fi (5) Ranking: B
O.M.Highstep (6) Ranking: D
Gossip Simoni (7) Ranking: D
Ziva (8) Ranking: B
Pharagraf (9) Ranking: B
Center Bus (10) Ranking: D
Rado S.W. (11) Ranking: D
Jo Black (12) Ranking: B

Come Along (1) Ranking: C
Demir K.M.E. (2) Ranking: B
Special Chance (3) Ranking: D
Herman Hazelaar (4) Ranking: B
Castillo (5) Ranking: D
What a Winner (6) Ranking: B
Ironman Pellini (7) Ranking: D
Kick the Dust Ås (8) Ranking: C
Precious Lord (9) Ranking: D
Vasco de Gama (10) Ranking: D
Tyson Dimanche (11) Ranking: D
Good Haufor (12) Ranking: D