Sweden: Boden V65 16.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Boden V65 (Jackpot 43K€).
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
More info about the pre race analysis: https://totepoint.com/about/

Kiwi Sisu (1) Ranking: B
Jocashi (2) Ranking: D
Mellby Javier (3) Ranking: C
Notice’em (4) Ranking: B
Jackson S.T. (5) Ranking: D
Impressive Sisu (6) Ranking: C
Special Selection (7) Ranking: D
Black Lily (8) Ranking: C
Al’s Successor (9) Ranking: D
I’ve Got Pepper (10) Ranking: A
Mira (11) Ranking: D
Diamond Flight (12) Ranking: D

Almas Turmalina (1) Ranking: B
Lyckans Hilda (2) Ranking:
Järvsötekno (3) Ranking: D
Hamjakken (4) Ranking: D
Tåga Storm (5) Ranking: B
Dalknösemma (6) Ranking: D
Klocksve Adrian (7) Ranking: B
Guli Stella (8) Ranking: C
Nygaards Solan (9) Ranking: D
Philip (10) Ranking:
Fyrkrafs (11) Ranking: C
Öygard Pål (12) Ranking: C
Laxfaks (13) Ranking: D
Stjärnvin Linn (14) Ranking: D
Don Viking (15) Ranking: B

M.M.Hot One (1) Ranking: B
Zin Zano Bay (2) Ranking: D
Djang Limit (3) Ranking: A
Mahatma Gee (4) Ranking: C
M.T.Rick Nash (5) Ranking: B
Strong Caviar (6) Ranking: B
Sweet and Wild (7) Ranking:
Peppe Roc (8) Ranking: D
Honky Tonk Angel (9) Ranking: C
Some Come (10) Ranking:
Lapland Iceman (11) Ranking: B
Shawn Leejs (12) Ranking: D

Juventus (1) Ranking: C
Astrid Avenue (2) Ranking: C
Fructose (3) Ranking: B
Rusty Cage (4) Ranking: A
Orlando Whitesox (5) Ranking: B
Fabulous Time (6) Ranking: D
Lapland Teno (7) Ranking: B
Perfect Sense H.C. (8) Ranking: D
Craft Combo (9) Ranking: D
Flashman’s Gordon (10) Ranking: C

Laurentius Valiant (1) Ranking: C
Any Ability (2) Ranking: B
Miss L.A. (3) Ranking: C
Juan Sisu (4) Ranking: D
Henessi Walk (5) Ranking: B
Fifth Avenue Vice (6) Ranking: D
Proud L.A. (7) Ranking: D
Humble Stance (8) Ranking: B
Atlas Eagra (9) Ranking: D
Gazoline (10) Ranking: C
Gazoline Mearas (11) Ranking: C
M.T.Oberon (12) Ranking: D
Maybach W.F. (13) Ranking: B

Heineken Bishop (1) Ranking: B
Aim for the Sun (2) Ranking: C
Ytowns Gigolo (3) Ranking: D
Hip Hop Au Vent (4) Ranking: B
Aya Face (5) Ranking: C
Tasmanian Devil (6) Ranking: D
Staro Playmate (7) Ranking: C
Pain Train (8) Ranking:
Explosive Girl (9) Ranking: D
Infinite Mass (10) Ranking: C
Glamour du Desert (11) Ranking: C
Wolfhills Star (12) Ranking: D
Perfekt Gehör (13) Ranking: D
Irvin Star (14) Ranking: D
Kempebra (15) Ranking: C

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