Sweden:Bollnäs V75 16.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Bollnäs V75 (Jackpot 1,482M€) .

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Zätamustangen (1) Ranking: B
My Dreams (2) Ranking: B
Jack J.E. (3) Ranking: C
Hard Center (4) Ranking:
Huit (5) Ranking: B
Current Leader (6) Ranking: C
Icicle Am (7) Ranking: B
Furiosa (8) Ranking: D
Extremely Sweet (9) Ranking: D
Always Face (10) Ranking: D
Bottnas Justin (11) Ranking: D
Liberty Boko (12) Ranking: C

Many Behind (1) Ranking: D
Simb Trishia (2) Ranking: D
Udine Celeber (3) Ranking: A
Diamond Sid (4) Ranking: D
Florence Ima (5) Ranking: D
Dior Lilly (6) Ranking: D
Heavenly May (7) Ranking: D
Magic From Hill (8) Ranking: D
Alexi Quick (9) Ranking: D
Jewilla (10) Ranking: B
Global Collection (11) Ranking: B
Sommerbrise (12) Ranking: D
Crazy Life (13) Ranking: C
Mitzy Gold (14) Ranking: D
Daytona Roc (15) Ranking: D

G.K.Talisman (1) Ranking: D
Trooper (2) Ranking: C
Eleonora S.H. (3) Ranking: D
Jacques Mearas (4) Ranking: A
Conrads Palle (5) Ranking: C
Cherieff Sund (6) Ranking: C
Steady One (7) Ranking: D
Kapten Nemo (8) Ranking: B
Maverick Meerkat (9) Ranking: D
Ever Loving (10) Ranking: D
My Boy (11) Ranking: D
Bengt (12) Ranking: B

Åstas Gotthard (1) Ranking: D
Eld Tekno (2) Ranking: C
Månremus (3) Ranking: D
Nordby Elde (4) Ranking: C
Brenne Rön (5) Ranking: C
Rönningsgutten (6) Ranking: D
Sippson (7) Ranking: D
Dellenit (8) Ranking: D
Zargo (9) Ranking: D
Oppgårdsdrängen (10) Ranking: D
Månlykke A.M. (11) Ranking: B
Björlifanner (12) Ranking: C
Stumne Fyr (13) Ranking: B
Soldhöjdens Drake (14) Ranking: B

Huddlestone (1) Ranking: D
Rome Pays Off (2) Ranking: C
Ferrari Sisu (3) Ranking: C
Xanthis Coktail (4) Ranking: D
Global Adventure (5) Ranking: B
Fortune Mearas (6) Ranking: D
Dark Roadster (7) Ranking: C
Order to Fly (8) Ranking: D
Dwayne Zet (9) Ranking: D
Hard Times (10) Ranking: D
High on Pepper (11) Ranking: A
Super Zantos (12) Ranking: D

Feel the Benefit (1) Ranking: C
Global Above All (2) Ranking: B
Declan (3) Ranking: B
Xanthis Hilton (4) Ranking: B
Dareios di Poggio (5) Ranking: C
Weather Chart (6) Ranking: D
Ninepoints Lasse (7) Ranking: B
Conch on Inn (8) Ranking: D
Money Smile (9) Ranking: C
Jaguar C.Boko (10) Ranking: D
Swept Wing (11) Ranking:
One Cristal (12) Ranking: C

Cab Frontline (1) Ranking: C
Reven Dejavu (2) Ranking: B
Corazon de B. (3) Ranking: B
Garth Vader (4) Ranking: B
Hannibal Face (5) Ranking: B
Orlando (6) Ranking: D
Digital Literacy (7) Ranking: D
Kayla Westwood (8) Ranking: D
G.R.J.’s Wolverine (9) Ranking: D
L.A.Boko (10) Ranking: B
Barry Wadd (11) Ranking: D
Billions (12) Ranking: D