Sweden: Jägersro V64 19.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Jägersro V64.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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Baywatch (1) Ranking: B
Suddenly Spring (2) Ranking: B
Cash on Line (3) Ranking: D
O.M.Icebreaker (4) Ranking: D
Harley Mosebo (5) Ranking: B
No Surrender (6) Ranking: A
Xanthis Florence (7) Ranking: D
Chiana R.D. (8) Ranking: D
Tamara Face (9) Ranking: D
Frasier (10) Ranking: D
Casanova Rhyme (11) Ranking:
Marla Boko (12) Ranking:

Gubben Noak (1) Ranking: D
Filur Då (2) Ranking: D
La Diva (3) Ranking:
Rooney Face (4) Ranking: D
Segway (5) Ranking: D
Far from Over (6) Ranking: D
Flash Fire (7) Ranking: B
Pax (8) Ranking:
Just Perfect Sisu (9) Ranking: A
Great Gatsby As (10) Ranking: B
Kung Edward (11) Ranking: B

No Talking You (1) Ranking: B
Nikki Lane (2) Ranking: B
Star Photo (3) Ranking: C
I am Don Max (4) Ranking: B
Roger More (5) Ranking: C
Chaplin (6) Ranking: B
Can Paixano (7) Ranking: D
Frida S.H. (8) Ranking: D
Trixwithtrimmix (9) Ranking: D

Todays Pal (1) Ranking: D
Chef Axe (2) Ranking: C
Walkyria W.F. (3) Ranking: B
Steady Victory (4) Ranking: B
Nikitita (5) Ranking: D
Niras Donatello (6) Ranking: D
Hamilton Atout (7) Ranking: B
Papa Crowe (8) Ranking:
Devs Delirium (9) Ranking: C
Lightning River (10) Ranking: C
Jumeirah Boko (11) Ranking: D
Cash Bore (12) Ranking: D
Dancing Days (13) Ranking: D
Arachis P.R. (14) Ranking: D

So Much a Lady (1) Ranking: D
Joyride Cane (2) Ranking: D
Aramis Face (3) Ranking: B
Kron Vici Star (4) Ranking: C
Patch Wibb (5) Ranking: C
Tour Eiffel (6) Ranking: B
Marabou Brodda (7) Ranking: B
Cody (8) Ranking: D
Don Cash (9) Ranking: B
Eight Hour (10) Ranking: D

Delfo Nobel (1) Ranking: B
Humanity Pellini (2) Ranking: B
Fairplay (3) Ranking: C
Can Win Ixi (4) Ranking: D
Dogleg (5) Ranking: B
Global Bam Bautin (6) Ranking: B
Gone (7) Ranking: D
Rapid Pal (8) Ranking: D
Sobel Caviar (9) Ranking: D
Ciliberti (10) Ranking: D
Global Difference (11) Ranking: B
Cubalibre Jet (12) Ranking: D