Sweden: Xpress V86 20.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Xpress V86 Åby and Solvalla. Jackpot 804K€.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
More info about the pre race analysis: https://totepoint.com/about/

Best Time Ever (1) Ranking: C
Liza Bore (2) Ranking: C
Feline Burgerheide (3) Ranking: A
Uncle Silvio (4) Ranking: C
Carlitos Venere (5) Ranking: C
Global Ufo (6) Ranking: D
Special Topsecret (7) Ranking: C
Tidore Degato (8) Ranking: C
Deon W. (9) Ranking: B

Pandroklus Eck (1) Ranking: C
Head of State (2) Ranking: A
Andy Gel (3) Ranking: C
Zinon Dream (4) Ranking: D
Mercenary (5) Ranking: D
Denali Doc (6) Ranking: C
Arno dell’Est (7) Ranking: D
Future Sox (8) Ranking: D
Ruger (9) Ranking: B
Mirci A’lir (10) Ranking: C
Gambino Brick (11) Ranking: D
Amazing Dream N.O. (12) Ranking: D

Dencos Miss Caruso (1) Ranking: D
Speedy Ace Vicane (2) Ranking: B
Illuminati I.H. (3) Ranking: C
Take Your Time (4) Ranking: D
Mr Weasley (5) Ranking: A
Mangiapane (6) Ranking: D
Stan Getz A.T. (7) Ranking:
The Box (8) Ranking: D
Kim Peek (9) Ranking: D
Fantastic Kosing (10) Ranking: C

Noir de Noir (1) Ranking: C
Young Andy (2) Ranking: S
Andiamo (3) Ranking: C
Everest Doc (4) Ranking: D
I.B.G.Flair (5) Ranking: D
Solo Traveler (6) Ranking: D
Ebullient (7) Ranking: B
Little Richard (8) Ranking: D
Nonstop Käll (9) Ranking: D
N.Y.Voila (10) Ranking: D
Julius Cortina (11) Ranking: D
Jobas Goofy (12) Ranking: D

Brain Game (1) Ranking: B
Fabror Melker (2) Ranking: C
VästerboStreetview (3) Ranking: C
Springdayfree (4) Ranking: D
Victory H.H. (5) Ranking: C
Our Pleasure (6) Ranking: D
Explode (7) Ranking: B
Amazing Hazel (8) Ranking: D
Listas Pippi (9) Ranking: D
Dali Pagadi (10) Ranking: D
Tuppen (11) Ranking: B
Garry S.T. (12) Ranking: D
Fighter Marke (13) Ranking: D
Izor Sisu (14) Ranking: B
Dexter Chatho (15) Ranking: B

Brie de Meaux (1) Ranking: B
La Forza (2) Ranking:
Selective Calling (3) Ranking: C
Creme Caramel (4) Ranking: C
Outboard Display (5) Ranking: C
Syrah (6) Ranking: B
Xanthis Image (7) Ranking: D
Fish Story (8) Ranking: B
Luigina (9) Ranking: B
Sandy at the Beach (10) Ranking: D
Asymmetry (11) Ranking: D
Danceinthedark F. (12) Ranking: D

Hefner Am (1) Ranking: D
Bottnas Idol (2) Ranking: A
Digital Eye (3) Ranking: D
Jetpack (4) Ranking: C
Mellby Ivy (5) Ranking: C
Redbull Pellini (6) Ranking: C
Mellby Indigo (7) Ranking: B
Lincoln Abe Boko (8) Ranking: D
Special Topmodel (9) Ranking: D
Jank Summerland (10) Ranking: D
Jello W. (11) Ranking: B
Diamant Östervang (12) Ranking: D

Banana Joe (1) Ranking: D
Otomaro Zon (2) Ranking: B
Vincent Dana (3) Ranking: C
Benchmark (4) Ranking: A
Party Crasher (5) Ranking: D
Solkattens Star (6) Ranking: C
Move it Brodde (7) Ranking: D
Win Together (8) Ranking: D
Gingras (9) Ranking: D
Jerry (10) Ranking: D
Joint Chief (11) Ranking: B
King of Silver (12) Ranking: C