Sweden: Mantorp V75 23.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Mantorp.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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Midnight Special (1) Ranking: B
Dareios di Poggio (2) Ranking:
Rocky Bear (3) Ranking: D
Ninepoints Lasse (4) Ranking: B
Omega Superstar (5) Ranking: D
Powerbank (6) Ranking: D
Brunello Hall (7) Ranking: D
Amancio (8) Ranking: D
Triton (9) Ranking: C
Ready Trophy (10) Ranking: C
Winner Brodde (11) Ranking: B
Ikaros di Quattro (12) Ranking: D

Lazy Breeze (1) Ranking: D
Mona Moonlight (2) Ranking: C
Glorias Donna (3) Ranking: D
High Hope Lee (4) Ranking: B
Jannah (5) Ranking: B
Perfect Star (6) Ranking:
La Coquette Zon (7) Ranking: D
Navy Zon (8) Ranking: C
Global Certificate (9) Ranking: D
Lilly Avant (10) Ranking: B
Kate River (11) Ranking: C
Safira Diablo (12) Ranking: B

Love You Too (1) Ranking: D
Osterc (2) Ranking: D
Heart of Steel (3) Ranking: B
Baron Gift (4) Ranking: D
Kuyt F.Boko (5) Ranking: D
Dark Roadster (6) Ranking: A
Chapuy (7) Ranking: C
Dats So Cool (8) Ranking: B
Sweetman (9) Ranking: D

Ziva (1) Ranking: B
Kentucky Derby (2) Ranking: D
Biscaia (3) Ranking: D
Heartbeat Julie (4) Ranking: B
Daytona Roc (5) Ranking: B
Marvellous Steel (6) Ranking: B
Isi Band (7) Ranking: D
Xerava C.D. (8) Ranking: C
Nettan Sånna (9) Ranking: D
Cheri Cheri Lady (10) Ranking: C
Sommerbrise (11) Ranking: B
Lilian Young (12) Ranking:

Stens Wille (1) Ranking: C
Honey Dun Girl (2) Ranking: B
Miss Jibe (3) Ranking: C
Silpinge Superb (4) Ranking: D
Stensjös Henessi (5) Ranking: D
Kapten Nemo (6) Ranking: B
Ulla Rols (7) Ranking: B
Don Brogan (8) Ranking: D
Vikens Bonjour (9) Ranking: C
Ixie (10) Ranking: D
All About You (11) Ranking: C
Bjorn (12) Ranking:

Gerben (1) Ranking: D
Olga Utca (2) Ranking: B
Joe Dalton (3) Ranking: B
Full of Muscles (4) Ranking: D
Major Ass (5) Ranking: C
Collier I.T. (6) Ranking: D
Fire n’Fury (7) Ranking: D
Cash Cowboy (8) Ranking: D
Oxidizer (9) Ranking: D
Red Hot Roadster (10) Ranking: C
Bo C. (11) Ranking: D
Game Brodde (12) Ranking: B

Global Billboard (1) Ranking:
Dirty Martini (2) Ranking: C
Humble Man (3) Ranking: C
Moses Boko (4) Ranking: B
Nail’em (5) Ranking: C
Gasparito (6) Ranking: D
Jalapeno K. (7) Ranking: B
Drill (8) Ranking: C
Sun’s Ambitious (9) Ranking: D
Shejk (10) Ranking: B
Belgique (11) Ranking: D
Global Enjoy (12) Ranking: D