Sweden: Solvalla V75 26.12.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Solvalla V75.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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Filippa B.J. (1) Ranking: B
Dear Friend (2) Ranking: B
Digital Literacy (3) Ranking: D
Betting Pacer (4) Ranking: B
Kayla Westwood (5) Ranking: D
Deborah S.H. (6) Ranking: D
Barbro Kronos (7) Ranking: D
Decision Maker (8) Ranking: B

Funcio (1) Ranking: C
Ben Hogan (2) Ranking:
Striking Eagle (3) Ranking: B
Jollywood (4) Ranking: C
Jamie Sisu (5) Ranking:
Rajon (6) Ranking: C
Luca Barosso (7) Ranking: C
Natural Mine (8) Ranking: D
That’s So Spicy (9) Ranking: B
Jacques Mearas (10) Ranking: B
Countess Face (11) Ranking: B
Sparky’s Dream (12) Ranking: D

Chestnut Hill (1) Ranking: D
Axel Ruda (2) Ranking: D
Digital Dominance (3) Ranking: D
Phoenix Photo (4) Ranking: S
Beartime (5) Ranking: B
Milliondollarrhyme (6) Ranking: C
Ultion Face (7) Ranking: D
Arvid S.H. (8) Ranking: D
Rome Pays Off (9) Ranking: D
Night Brodde (10) Ranking: D
Stoletheshow (11) Ranking: B

La Fille de Niky (1) Ranking: B
Penthouse (2) Ranking: D
Udine Celeber (3) Ranking: B
Be My Baby (4) Ranking:
Many Behind (5) Ranking: D
Bold Face (6) Ranking: C
Rosemary Tile (7) Ranking: D
Donna Summer (8) Ranking: D
Jewilla (9) Ranking: B
Jurista (10) Ranking: C
Tasherit (11) Ranking: D
Crazy Life (12) Ranking: D
Olly Håleryd (13) Ranking: B
Global Collection (14) Ranking: D

Corazon de B. (1) Ranking: B
Garth Vader (2) Ranking: B
Dominic Wibb (3) Ranking: C
Boli You S.M. (4) Ranking: B
Hannibal Face (5) Ranking: B
Innovation Love (6) Ranking: D
Power Doc (7) Ranking: C
Hipster Am (8) Ranking: D
Maverick Dream (9) Ranking: D
L.A.Boko (10) Ranking: C
Billions (11) Ranking: D
Laradja Vrijthout (12) Ranking: D

Jax Journey (1) Ranking: C
Game on Butcher (2) Ranking:
Pingis (3) Ranking: A
Star Muscle (4) Ranking: B
Jimbaran Zon (5) Ranking: B
Liberty Boko (6) Ranking: D
Always Face (7) Ranking:
Here’s Johnny Sox (8) Ranking: B
Huit (9) Ranking: D
Miramax B.R. (10) Ranking: D
O.M.Hazebrouck (11) Ranking: D
Perkins (12) Ranking: C

Xanthis Hilton (1) Ranking: B
Glorius Rain (2) Ranking: B
Chitchat (3) Ranking: B
Tearsinheaven (4) Ranking: C
Load Master (5) Ranking: D
Declan (6) Ranking: C
Money Smile (7) Ranking: D
Mulberry (8) Ranking: D
Kinky Boots (9) Ranking: C
Mizai (10) Ranking: C
Combat Fighter (11) Ranking: D
S.G.Mistral (12) Ranking: D