Sweden: Färjestad GS75 1.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Färjestad V75 Jackpot 477k€.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
More info about the pre race analysis: https://totepoint.com/about/

Bitols Spritz (1) Ranking: D
Andy Pandy One (2) Ranking: D
Bold Knick (3) Ranking: B
Zenato (4) Ranking: A
Flexible Launcher (5) Ranking:
King of Greenwood (6) Ranking: B
Gerben (7) Ranking: B
Vicar (8) Ranking: C
Flash Teemer (9) Ranking: D

Billboard (1) Ranking: C
Inwest (2) Ranking: B
Chiani Broline (3) Ranking: B
Ice in Brego (4) Ranking: C
Tour de Valley (5) Ranking: B
Fivetoparkavenue (6) Ranking: D
Valentin Vici (7) Ranking:
Eight (8) Ranking: D
Hustomta Mia (9) Ranking: D
Okay (10) Ranking:
Victor Flax (11) Ranking: B
Leroy Sane (12) Ranking: D

Sundbo Hero (1) Ranking: D
Lysjö Wilma (2) Ranking: D
Pave Tore (3) Ranking: S
Önnes Frode (4) Ranking: D
Tjomsensin (5) Ranking:
Frosta (6) Ranking: D
Eld Riga (7) Ranking: D
Lysjö Isa (8) Ranking: D
Lill Hans (9) Ranking: B
Fina Boelito (10) Ranking: D
Finseth Faksen (11) Ranking: D

Larissa Band (1) Ranking: D
The Noble One (2) Ranking: D
Explode (3) Ranking: A
Loke Lovebite (4) Ranking: B
Mr Birdman (5) Ranking: B
Mario Andretti (6) Ranking: D
Herkules S.S. (7) Ranking: D
Charter Party (8) Ranking: D
Anice Cake (9) Ranking: D
Establishment (10) Ranking: B
Merci Charly (11) Ranking:

Maradona Boko (1) Ranking: C
Call it Home (2) Ranking: C
American Cash (3) Ranking: A
Junielle (4) Ranking: D
Jury M.L. (5) Ranking:
Ramos (6) Ranking: B
Louis Ravin (7) Ranking: C
Anneli A.F. (8) Ranking:
Diamond A.F. (9) Ranking:
Doris de Bella (10) Ranking: D
Village Estelle (11) Ranking: D
Skywalker (12) Ranking: B

Kung Carl Autriche (1) Ranking: C
Fanny S.I.R. (2) Ranking: D
Global Cutthecrap (3) Ranking: B
Corvina V.W. (4) Ranking:
Jameson K.W. (5) Ranking: C
U.S.Traders (6) Ranking: D
Fosbury Zet (7) Ranking:
Jack J.E. (8) Ranking: B
Neon Bank (9) Ranking: B
Tornado Jet (10) Ranking: D
Peach (11) Ranking: B
Zurigo D.V.S. (12) Ranking: D
Mud Hill (13) Ranking: B
Kom Leia (14) Ranking: D
Fantastic Design (15) Ranking: D

Listas Pippi (1) Ranking:
La Coquette Zon (2) Ranking: B
Listas Sirena (3) Ranking: C
It Ain’t Me (4) Ranking: C
Lazy Breeze (5) Ranking: B
Kate River (6) Ranking: B
Tourzo (7) Ranking:
Ziva (8) Ranking: B
Lucia Lane (9) Ranking: D
Diva Ravina (10) Ranking: D
Symphonie Teemer (11) Ranking: D
Paramount Tile (12) Ranking: