Sweden: Bergsåker V4 2.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Bergsåker V4.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
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Everest (1) Ranking: D
What a Flame (2) Ranking: D
Nice View C.G. (3) Ranking: A
Tour Princess (4) Ranking: D
Havannah Line (5) Ranking: B
Åkmans Anastacia (6) Ranking: C
Let it Go (7) Ranking: D
Gabriella Godiva (8) Ranking: B

Diamond From Hill (1) Ranking: D
Kemas Frasse (2) Ranking:
The Last Trapper (3) Ranking: B
Birdie Num Num (4) Ranking: C
Splendid Choice (5) Ranking: B
Seaside Heights (6) Ranking: D
H.P.Roadrunner (7) Ranking: C
Gone Fishing (8) Ranking: D
Gabriel Barsk (9) Ranking: D
Gibson Brick (10) Ranking: B
Kocu Boko (11) Ranking:
Captain As (12) Ranking: B

Trollbackens Thor (1) Ranking: D
Hovden (2) Ranking: C
M.P.Atlas (3) Ranking: D
Harvs Erik (4) Ranking: D
Ellison (5) Ranking: A
Napoleon (6) Ranking: D
Pannemanne (7) Ranking: B
Govilja Viking (8) Ranking: D
Vilgot Frej (9) Ranking: D
Engsbro Kvicken (10) Ranking: D
Kolmi (11) Ranking: D
Ethel (12) Ranking: B
Moetiv (13) Ranking: D

Created by Eve (1) Ranking: B
Olle S.E. (2) Ranking: D
Västerbo Pentax (3) Ranking: C
Juve Avanti (4) Ranking: B
Nordic Dream (5) Ranking: C
American Soul (6) Ranking: D
Wild Glide (7) Ranking: A
Laboulaye (8) Ranking: D
Forbidden to Rest (9) Ranking:
Sparkling Night (10) Ranking: C
Seduzione Osåfin (11) Ranking: C
Just Move (12) Ranking: D