Sweden: Xpress V86 3.1.2023

Pre Race Rankings for Xpress V86 .
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
More info about the pre race analysis: https://totepoint.com/about/

And Away We Go (1) Ranking: D
Invicta Sisu (2) Ranking: D
Ida Orlando (3) Ranking: D
Hestia H.H. (4) Ranking: D
Manjula Fame (5) Ranking: C
Vicky Montoya (6) Ranking: D
Ulla Rols (7) Ranking: A
Mazuocco Boko (8) Ranking: B
Tui Southwind (9) Ranking: C
Cissi af Solnäs (10) Ranking:
Charming Lane (11) Ranking: C
Timeless (12) Ranking: D

Funcio (1) Ranking: C
Natural Mine (2) Ranking: B
Solkattens Star (3) Ranking: C
Win Together (4) Ranking: C
Joint Chief (5) Ranking: A
Sun’s Ambitious (6) Ranking: D
Vincent Dana (7) Ranking: D
Benchmark (8) Ranking: B
Penthouse (9) Ranking: D
Gingras (10) Ranking: D

Grappa Boy (1) Ranking:
Innovation Love (2) Ranking: B
Orkan von Haithabu (3) Ranking: C
Collier I.T. (4) Ranking: B
Bravo Sabotage (5) Ranking: B
Eireann (6) Ranking:
Amorcer Levallo (7) Ranking: B
Good Haufor (8) Ranking: D
Lorenzo Boko (9) Ranking: C

Southwind Boko (1) Ranking: B
J.J.Another Vinn (2) Ranking: D
Daytona Roc (3) Ranking:
Crazy Life (4) Ranking: B
Heartbeat Julie (5) Ranking: B
Cabarette (6) Ranking: D
Isabelle Sisu (7) Ranking: C
Primadonna Tile (8) Ranking: B
Pretty and Evil (9) Ranking: D
Happy Go Pepper (10) Ranking: D
Heavenly May (11) Ranking:
Vilja T.Y.C. (12) Ranking: C

Grimfrost (1) Ranking: D
Peppy’s Pearl (2) Ranking: D
Valrhona Face (3) Ranking: D
Dancing Days (4) Ranking: A
Con Padre (5) Ranking: B
Rocket Snapper (6) Ranking: B
El Toro Pellini (7) Ranking: D
Cheeky Doc (8) Ranking:
Place Royal (9) Ranking: C
Global Bam Bautin (10) Ranking: C
Majors Rose (11) Ranking: D
Adam Orden (12) Ranking:

Wings Level (1) Ranking: B
Head of State (2) Ranking:
Mellby Indigo (3) Ranking: B
Esposito (4) Ranking: A
Rio Alta Wine (5) Ranking: C
Andy Gel (6) Ranking:
Jaguar C.Boko (7) Ranking: D
Extremely Sweet (8) Ranking: C
Mateo di Quattro (9) Ranking: B
Arno dell’Est (10) Ranking: D
Pandroklus Eck (11) Ranking: D

Dakar (1) Ranking: C
Zinfandel (2) Ranking: D
King Only the One (3) Ranking: B
Kadabra Dream (4) Ranking: C
Moses Boko (5) Ranking: A
Precious Lord (6) Ranking: D
Mysterious Lucifer (7) Ranking:
Denco’s Galliano (8) Ranking: B
Demir K.M.E. (9) Ranking: D
Suarez (10) Ranking: D
Castillo (11) Ranking: D
Beachcomber (12) Ranking: D

Noir de Noir (1) Ranking: C
Andiamo (2) Ranking: B
Nectar Occagnes (3) Ranking: A
Nonstop Käll (4) Ranking: D
Ebullient (5) Ranking: B
Billionaire Face (6) Ranking: B
Little Richard (7) Ranking: C
Express Cash (8) Ranking:
Pret a Porter (9) Ranking: D
Global Daretowin (10) Ranking: D
Apomorfin (11) Ranking: D
Flys Popcorn (12) Ranking: D