Sweden: Bollnäs V4 4.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Bollnäs V4.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
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J.J.Brilliant Boy (1) Ranking: D
Gobernante (2) Ranking: C
Sommarskuggan (3) Ranking: B
Kipling River (4) Ranking: A
My Love M.L. (5) Ranking: D
Ace Gio Gar (6) Ranking: C
En Garde (7) Ranking: C
Plura (8) Ranking: D
Bounty Laday (9) Ranking: D
Sognare (10) Ranking: D
Lino Band (11) Ranking:
Sognatore (12) Ranking: D

Ajlexes Sonia (1) Ranking: B
For Sure Aldebaran (2) Ranking: B
My Spotify (3) Ranking: D
Zätapinglan (4) Ranking: D
Mea Vacation (5) Ranking: D
Global Diditmyself (6) Ranking: C
Delwin Rice (7) Ranking: D
Leoni (8) Ranking: D
Black Up (9) Ranking: B
Sun’s Nougat (10) Ranking: B
Carreras (11) Ranking: C
Amazing T.M. (12) Ranking:

Gin Gerale (1) Ranking: D
Gill Dings (2) Ranking: B
Global Everlasting (3) Ranking: A
Global Email (4) Ranking: B
Fiores Arc (5) Ranking:
Fenix Memphis (6) Ranking: D
Miss Redbone J.F. (7) Ranking: C
Jab’s Furious (8) Ranking: D
Il Conte (9) Ranking: D
Ant Face (10) Ranking: D
Betterbegoodtome (11) Ranking:
Önas Ramone (12) Ranking: D

Aperfectdream (1) Ranking: D
Ruger (2) Ranking: S
Big Cactus Zet (3) Ranking: D
Lugnets Sardonyx (4) Ranking: D
Final Whistle (5) Ranking: B
Super Benny (6) Ranking: D
Thelma M.M. (7) Ranking: C
Mellby Hoffa (8) Ranking: D
Axl Brown (9) Ranking: D
Mission Beach (10) Ranking: C
S.G.Charpentier (11) Ranking:
Hattusa (12) Ranking: D