Sweden: Eskilstuna V64 4.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Eskilstuna V64 (jackpot 97K€).
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
More info about the pre race analysis: https://totepoint.com/about/

Ever So Much (1) Ranking: C
Eruption (2) Ranking: D
Northman Maxus (3) Ranking: B
Jerka Sting (4) Ranking: A
Xerxes Millpond (5) Ranking: C
Bara du Chene (6) Ranking:
Triton (7) Ranking: B

Casper Tribut (1) Ranking: C
Turi Follo (2) Ranking: B
Raffige Rune (3) Ranking: C
Villeroy (4) Ranking: A
Larrissa Fallis (5) Ranking: D
Olga Sånna (6) Ranking:
Maus (7) Ranking: D
Cash Coin (8) Ranking: D
Scarlet One (9) Ranking: D
Veams Pumba (10) Ranking: C
Wilmas Tira (11) Ranking: D
Icebreaker D.S. (12) Ranking:

Bonnie B. (1) Ranking: C
Lukanos (2) Ranking: A
Valrhona Wibb (3) Ranking: D
Sultan Norrgård (4) Ranking: D
Neo (5) Ranking: D
Mogas Ballerina (6) Ranking: D
Cersei Gene (7) Ranking: B
Brunello Hall (8) Ranking: B
Biscaia (9) Ranking: B
Imola Boko (10) Ranking: C
Savoy Brown (11) Ranking:
Olimp (12) Ranking: D
Kalas (13) Ranking: C
Monte Carlo (14) Ranking:
Red Alert W.F. (15) Ranking: D

Makalu Doc (1) Ranking: B
Touch the Clouds (2) Ranking: D
Marvel East (3) Ranking: D
You to Xlnt (4) Ranking: B
Relevant Stride (5) Ranking: S
S.Schwarz (6) Ranking: D
Lovely Smile (7) Ranking:
Nick Nack Newport (8) Ranking: D
Hispia de Vandel (9) Ranking: D
Kite Runner (10) Ranking: C
Netzer Boko (11) Ranking: D
Patton (12) Ranking: D

Björkhagas Alfred (1) Ranking: D
Lady Zola (2) Ranking: D
Pippi Tooma (3) Ranking: D
Västerbo Paraflax (4) Ranking: B
Kahnawake (5) Ranking: D
Diamond Sox (6) Ranking:
Rio Luca (7) Ranking: C
Optimum Bankrobber (8) Ranking: C
Verbeeck (9) Ranking:
Haxo d’Avignere (10) Ranking: C
Matteo de Veluwe (11) Ranking: A

Kit de Luca (1) Ranking: C
Coquina Beach (2) Ranking: D
Red Pine Lily (3) Ranking: C
Histoire Dry (4) Ranking: B
Simb Trishia (5) Ranking: B
Loulou Web (6) Ranking: B
Sun Summit (7) Ranking: C
S.G.Chandelier (8) Ranking: D
Never to Young (9) Ranking: C
Rally Juvelen (10) Ranking: C
Chaebol (11) Ranking: D
Bearly Express (12) Ranking: D

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