Sweden: Umåker GS75 7.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Umåker GS75.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
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Harley K. (1) Ranking: D
Inspector (2) Ranking:
Boke Palema (3) Ranking: B
Eskimo Brother (4) Ranking: C
Deliver (5) Ranking: D
Waffle (6) Ranking: C
Selmer I.H. (7) Ranking: S
Zorro Swing (8) Ranking: D
Dizzy River (9) Ranking: D

Norrlands Blomma (1) Ranking: B
Bäckjerva (2) Ranking:
Saga Kiro (3) Ranking: B
Lome Hilda (4) Ranking: B
Hallsta Goudis (5) Ranking: D
Hallsta Melodi (6) Ranking: D
Möller Oda (7) Ranking: B
Bato Odina (8) Ranking: C

Beauty Belle (1) Ranking:
Hjalmar Xpress (2) Ranking: A
I’m Alice (3) Ranking: B
Juventus (4) Ranking: B
Alicia H.T. (5) Ranking: B
Chance Lane (6) Ranking: D
Noronha Boko (7) Ranking: D
Fiddlers Bitch (8) Ranking: C
Chary W.F. (9) Ranking: D
Nice Birthday (10) Ranking: D

Eldar (1) Ranking: D
Holms Herkules (2) Ranking: B
Olsims Arne (3) Ranking: D
Minna C.G. (4) Ranking: C
Edbest (5) Ranking: B
Stjärnvin Linn (6) Ranking: B
Storspjuver (7) Ranking: C
Don Viking (8) Ranking: B

Radiographicimage (1) Ranking: B
Backwood’s Bolt (2) Ranking:
Mr Swe (3) Ranking: D
Perfect Sense H.C. (4) Ranking: C
Fancynancyclancy (5) Ranking: A
Coco Prince (6) Ranking: B
Sweden Sober (7) Ranking:
Jon Snow Pellini (8) Ranking: B
Mission Closed (9) Ranking: D

Kane Beuckenswijk (1) Ranking: B
Emperor (2) Ranking: C
Captain As (3) Ranking: B
A.W.’s Kicklight (4) Ranking: D
Cold Feet (5) Ranking: B
Melbourne Boko (6) Ranking: B
Fly Bird Fly (7) Ranking: D
Ride Away (8) Ranking: B
She’s My Heaven (9) Ranking: D
Fille Am (10) Ranking: C

Soraya Ås (1) Ranking: D
M.T.Rick Nash (2) Ranking: B
Jas (3) Ranking: D
M.T.Sollentuna (4) Ranking: C
Gazoline (5) Ranking:
Bollinger Bishop (6) Ranking: S
Cester (7) Ranking: C
Neo Sånna (8) Ranking: D
Ninja’s Queen (9) Ranking: D
Brida (10) Ranking: D
Shawn Leejs (11) Ranking:
Chic (12) Ranking: