Sweden: Gävle V64 8.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Gävle Jackpot 89K€.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
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Heartbeat Windy (1) Ranking: A
Who’s the Winner (2) Ranking: C
Ninepoints Winner (3) Ranking: C
Lavazza Dee (4) Ranking: D
Mandis Express (5) Ranking: C
Lord Albert (6) Ranking: D
Oro Tooma (7) Ranking: D
Global Emperor (8) Ranking: B
Tiki Takk T.R. (9) Ranking: D
High Expectations (10) Ranking: D
Formula Powergirl (11) Ranking: D
Nott Eck (12) Ranking: C

Rickard Tabac (1) Ranking: C
Ängsblomster (2) Ranking: D
Tern Odin (3) Ranking: D
Tolvmans Olle (4) Ranking: C
Vinn Tabac (5) Ranking: A
Urkraft (6) Ranking: B
Skuggfaksen (7) Ranking: D
Jazzå (8) Ranking: B
Klack Ante (9) Ranking: D

Cape Town (1) Ranking: D
Starstrucked (2) Ranking: B
Baloo du Nord (3) Ranking: D
Bang Boomerang (4) Ranking: A
Miramax B.R. (5) Ranking:
Nice Knight (6) Ranking: C
Cobbys Nana (7) Ranking:
Blue Star Cantab (8) Ranking: D
Anchor Man (9) Ranking: C
Ninepoints Lasse (10) Ranking: B

Rocket Blaster (1) Ranking: B
Total Surprise (2) Ranking: C
Only One Tooma (3) Ranking: C
Feeling Fat (4) Ranking: D
Winchester (5) Ranking: B
Night Delight (6) Ranking: D
Unexpected Outcome (7) Ranking: B
Kattens O’Malley (8) Ranking: D
Excellenzen (9) Ranking: D
Qixi Roc (10) Ranking: D
Massive Hangover (11) Ranking: D
Superior Bro (12) Ranking: B

For You (1) Ranking: D
Bonnie Wibb (2) Ranking: B
Perfect Match H.C. (3) Ranking: D
Ess Mahatma (4) Ranking: D
Eclectic (5) Ranking: B
Fruit Costashorta (6) Ranking: C
Corona Park (7) Ranking: B
High on Life Vixi (8) Ranking: B
Lady Silver (9) Ranking: C
She’s Just Joy (10) Ranking: D
Elysia (11) Ranking: D
On Track Frenesie (12) Ranking: D

Queensland Tile (1) Ranking: D
Lightzon (2) Ranking: D
Scaino Horse (3) Ranking: D
Gina Pagliacci (4) Ranking: D
Brahma Face (5) Ranking: B
Nash Hall (6) Ranking: B
Overstime (7) Ranking: D
B.W.L.Fighter (8) Ranking: B
Västerbo Blizzard (9) Ranking: B
Åkmans Anastacia (10) Ranking: D
Peak’n Roll (11) Ranking: B
Ares Face (12) Ranking: C
Zeus Sensation (13) Ranking: D