Sweden: Axevalla V4 9.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Axevalla V4.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
More info about the pre race analysis: https://totepoint.com/about/

Latin Lover Helvin (1) Ranking: B
Come on Lane (2) Ranking: D
Gloire d’Empire (3) Ranking: A
Cat’s Majson (4) Ranking: D
Holy Teemer (5) Ranking: C
Margaritaville (6) Ranking: D
Digital House (7) Ranking: D
Apassionata A.F. (8) Ranking: D
Meryl Streep Boko (9) Ranking: D
Balder Face (10) Ranking: B
Canadian Club (11) Ranking: D
Princess Kei’em (12) Ranking: D

Crazy All Over (1) Ranking: B
Chanel Modes (2) Ranking: D
Kom Khaleesi (3) Ranking: C
Bridezilla (4) Ranking: C
Kaffeåchampagne (5) Ranking: B
Ronja Muscles (6) Ranking: B
Goddess Nike (7) Ranking: C
Mazikeen (8) Ranking: B
Kicki (9) Ranking: D
Dencos Miss Caruso (10) Ranking: D
Xena Töll (11) Ranking: D
Ina Crown (12) Ranking: C

Mr Boenasera (1) Ranking: C
Nybys Dimension (2) Ranking: A
Kapten Röd (3) Ranking: D
Mello Dee (4) Ranking: C
Mago Volante (5) Ranking: B
Eternal Fight (6) Ranking: D
Bourbon d’One (7) Ranking: D
Mostpeoplearegood (8) Ranking: D
All in Cash (9) Ranking: D
Muscle Will (10) Ranking: C
Leroy Sane (11) Ranking: C
He’s Got the Power (12) Ranking: D

Fosbury Zet (1) Ranking: B
Bovary Face (2) Ranking: B
Timotejs Jackpot (3) Ranking: B
Yankee Doodle (4) Ranking: D
Coram d’Inverne (5) Ranking: D
Balzano da Quattro (6) Ranking: D
Mario Andretti (7) Ranking: C
Mellby Jupiter (8) Ranking: C
Önas Patricia (9) Ranking: D
Outlander (10) Ranking: B
Mill Cava (11) Ranking: D