Sweden: Jägersro V64 9.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Jägersro V64.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
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Stenson (1) Ranking: B
Fire n’Fury (2) Ranking: C
Romero (3) Ranking: A
Patch Wibb (4) Ranking: B
Just Perfect Sisu (5) Ranking: B
Federer (6) Ranking: D
Global Action (7) Ranking: B

Holly D.K. (1) Ranking: C
Kit Silvio (2) Ranking: D
Global Delicious (3) Ranking: A
Maxima Schermer (4) Ranking: D
Ahorsewithnoname (5) Ranking: D
Staro Quesada (6) Ranking: D
Aperfectcandy (7) Ranking: D
Twenty Dollar (8) Ranking: B
Tera (9) Ranking: C
Victoria L.L. (10) Ranking: B
Stellas Bellezza (11) Ranking: C
Elettra Robin (12) Ranking: D

Global Annuity (1) Ranking:
Camelot As (2) Ranking: B
Twin Peak (3) Ranking: S
Arrivederci Face (4) Ranking:
Luv Lois Schermer (5) Ranking: B
Mustang Hackstable (6) Ranking: D
Loyaltymakestheman (7) Ranking: D
Matchpoint Pellini (8) Ranking: C
Alessio (9) Ranking:
Only Angelica O.C. (10) Ranking: C

Ten O’Clock (1) Ranking: C
Todays Pal (2) Ranking: D
What a Fairytale (3) Ranking: D
Ta Lou Bob (4) Ranking: D
Rado S.W. (5) Ranking: D
Steady Victory (6) Ranking: A
Amazing Hazel (7) Ranking: B
Jarreau Boko (8) Ranking: D
Jumeirah Boko (9) Ranking: D
Don’t Disturb (10) Ranking: C
Gone (11) Ranking: D
Brain Game (12) Ranking:
Papa Crowe (13) Ranking: C
Cash Bore (14) Ranking: D

Caton (1) Ranking: C
Jackie O.H.S. (2) Ranking: B
Oris (3) Ranking: B
Blanton’s (4) Ranking: D
Sabani (5) Ranking: B
Barefoot Bubbly (6) Ranking: D
Parameter (7) Ranking: B
Handsome Devil D.K (8) Ranking: D
Junious Heot (9) Ranking: B
Flashmans Capsella (10) Ranking: D
Classic Hill (11) Ranking:
Prince Ixi (12) Ranking: D

Capitano (1) Ranking: B
Expensive (2) Ranking: C
Redbull Pellini (3) Ranking: C
El Vego Khalifa (4) Ranking: B
Västerbo Tramp (5) Ranking: B
Herbie Peak (6) Ranking: C
Brady D.E. (7) Ranking: A
Don Robin (8) Ranking: C
Dontloosememate (9) Ranking: D
Mamaneedshismoney (10) Ranking: D