Sweden: Östersund V65 12.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Östersund.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
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Denali (1) Ranking: D
Unique Findings (2) Ranking: D
Enge Sargon (3) Ranking: D
Homeland Pellini (4) Ranking: D
Timeless Sunset (5) Ranking: S
Just More Fun (6) Ranking: C
Big Cactus Zet (7) Ranking: C
Listas Thaitanic (8) Ranking: D
Axl Brown (9) Ranking: D

Orr Zickan (1) Ranking: D
Espe Vilde (2) Ranking: D
Hongslo Viktoria (3) Ranking: B
Miriam (4) Ranking: D
V.Viking (5) Ranking: B
Moetiv (6) Ranking: D
Modig Ripa (7) Ranking: A
Hibo Bungal (8) Ranking: C

K.G.H.Atlas (1) Ranking: B
Blaze Gold (2) Ranking: A
Brandy T.N. (3) Ranking: D
Lovely Wine (4) Ranking: C
Fighter From Start (5) Ranking: C
Essyes Mazzanti (6) Ranking: D
Adele Gel (7) Ranking: C
Danilo S.H. (8) Ranking: C
M.T.Tatanka (9) Ranking: D

Roald Kjempe (1) Ranking: B
Sohlanna (2) Ranking: C
Bosse Best (3) Ranking: D
Bännebos Balder (4) Ranking: D
Vy Jerven (5) Ranking: B
V.H.Sjarmis (6) Ranking: B
Backes Fiona (7) Ranking: D
Oskar (8) Ranking: B
Nordstorm (9) Ranking: D

Bounty Laday (1) Ranking: B
Seaside Heights (2) Ranking: B
Baron Muscles (3) Ranking: B
Raj Raj Raj (4) Ranking: C
Casino Vendil (5) Ranking: B
Valentino Demi (6) Ranking: D
Fro Yo Man (7) Ranking: C
Gaia Barsk (8) Ranking: C
Esprit Fairway (9) Ranking: B

Bird Parker (1) Ranking: D
Homemade Bourbon (2) Ranking: B
H.P.Roadrunner (3) Ranking: B
Taste of Space (4) Ranking: D
Aldorassa (5) Ranking: D
VästerboFlashDance (6) Ranking: D
Birdie Num Num (7) Ranking: C
Thai Charon (8) Ranking:
Charlotta S.H. (9) Ranking: D
High Flyer V.S. (10) Ranking: C
Excellent Liss (11) Ranking: A
Helena Fagra (12) Ranking: C