Sweden: Kalmar V75 13.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Kalmar V75.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own. Just consider this a second opinion.
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Dominic Wibb (1) Ranking: B
Innovation Love (2) Ranking: C
Micro Vick (3) Ranking: D
R.K.King (4) Ranking: D
Larry Wood (5) Ranking: B
Grappa Boy (6) Ranking: C
Joe Dalton (7) Ranking: C
Red Mile Brodde (8) Ranking: D
Lorenzo Boko (9) Ranking: D
Game Brodde (10) Ranking: B
Hipster Am (11) Ranking: B
Major Ass (12) Ranking: C

Careful Dream (1) Ranking: D
Peak Cashflow (2) Ranking: D
Patricia Bo (3) Ranking: C
Ett Under (4) Ranking: C
All About You (5) Ranking: D
Mellby Jail (6) Ranking: A
Rustico (7) Ranking: D
Take Your Time (8) Ranking: D
Kingsman (9) Ranking: B
Vancouver High (10) Ranking: C
Nunchaku (11) Ranking: B
Just Wish Boko (12) Ranking: D

Dogleg (1) Ranking: D
Swish the Cash (2) Ranking: A
Global Difference (3) Ranking: B
Warrior’s Tale (4) Ranking: C
Vision of Gideon (5) Ranking: C
Mercury Boko (6) Ranking:
Luca Barosso (7) Ranking: C
Global Bam Bautin (8) Ranking: D
Ready to Go (9) Ranking: D
Global Enjoy (10) Ranking: D
Speedy Cash Vicane (11) Ranking: D
Bases Loaded (12) Ranking: D

Funny Sensation (1) Ranking: C
Xia Lloyd (2) Ranking: C
She’s She (3) Ranking: C
Staro Queens (4) Ranking: D
Lupine B.M.W. (5) Ranking: D
Ximena (6) Ranking: B
Champlain Wania (7) Ranking: D
Zinnia (8) Ranking: D
Backseatdriver (9) Ranking:
Cascabella (10) Ranking: C
Ziva (11) Ranking:
Devs Dandelion (12) Ranking: D
Cigars Eagle Owl (13) Ranking:
Power Vacation (14) Ranking: D
Safira Diablo (15) Ranking: A

Staro Leonardo (1) Ranking: D
Crack Atout (2) Ranking: C
Mr Perfection (3) Ranking: D
Edibear (4) Ranking: D
Sweetman (5) Ranking: B
Kuyt F.Boko (6) Ranking: D
Four Guys Dream (7) Ranking: B
Lulius Boko (8) Ranking: A
Aetos Kronos (9) Ranking: C
Heart of Steel (10) Ranking: D
Chapuy (11) Ranking: D
Dats So Cool (12) Ranking: D

Lucifer Boko (1) Ranking: B
Tearsinheaven (2) Ranking: B
Conch on Inn (3) Ranking:
Don Cash (4) Ranking: C
Doctor Gio (5) Ranking: D
Bold Knick (6) Ranking: B
Ikaros di Quattro (7) Ranking: D
Winner Brodde (8) Ranking: B
Feel the Benefit (9) Ranking: D
Here’s Johnny Sox (10) Ranking: B
Triton (11) Ranking: C
Lincoln Abe Boko (12) Ranking: D

Cheri Cheri Lady (1) Ranking: D
Primadonna Tile (2) Ranking: B
Caramelle T.T. (3) Ranking: D
Marvellous Steel (4) Ranking: D
Evita (5) Ranking: D
Sommerbrise (6) Ranking: B
Olga Utca (7) Ranking: C
Lady Beluga (8) Ranking: B
Olivia Coger (9) Ranking: D
Heroine Darling (10) Ranking: B
Betting Pacer (11) Ranking: B
Deborah S.H. (12) Ranking: D