Sweden: Mantorp V64 15.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Mantorp.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
More info about the pre race analysis: https://totepoint.com/about/

Harriet Zet (1) Ranking: A
Önas Spartacus (2) Ranking: A
Oz Allegretto (3) Ranking: D
Brown Sugar Frost (4) Ranking: D
Move it Brodde (5) Ranking: B
Dooley’s U.N.G. (6) Ranking: C
Jumanji Love (7) Ranking: D
Teanie (8) Ranking: C

Fury Scoop (1) Ranking: B
Zinon Dream (2) Ranking: B
Dante Frontline (3) Ranking: D
Magic Talisman (4) Ranking: B
Acme (5) Ranking:
Starspangledeyes (6) Ranking: D
Keeponrunning (7) Ranking: B
Nibali Vivantis (8) Ranking: C
Önas Quintus (9) Ranking: D
What a Deal (10) Ranking: B
O’Boy (11) Ranking: D
Qrystal Roc (12) Ranking: D

Sato (1) Ranking: C
Good Haufor (2) Ranking:
Fighter Marke (3) Ranking: C
Leonas Sami (4) Ranking:
Imola Boko (5) Ranking: C
Vikings Preacher (6) Ranking: D
Albert Zonett (7) Ranking: B
Mose Eagle (8) Ranking: B
Fighter Simoni (9) Ranking: B

Eyesight (1) Ranking: B
Zabrino (2) Ranking: D
Deluca (3) Ranking: C
Icebreaker D.S. (4) Ranking: B
Woodbank (5) Ranking: A
King Sir Raymond (6) Ranking: D
Kenwood (7) Ranking:
Hippolito G.R. (8) Ranking: D
T.Wall’s Keyboard (9) Ranking: D
Ransom Tile (10) Ranking: D
Ginetta Scoop (11) Ranking: D
Simb Lone Star (12) Ranking: D

Fraganzia Call (1) Ranking: C
Lowely B.T.B. (2) Ranking: C
Kent’s Goodwill (3) Ranking:
Kattbo Dream (4) Ranking:
Lady Kei’em (5) Ranking: B
Mamsell Wood (6) Ranking: D
Jessie’s Girl (7) Ranking: D
Dash (8) Ranking: D
Turi Follo (9) Ranking: C
Martha Diablo (10) Ranking: A
He Miss Deiha (11) Ranking: D
In Love Silas (12) Ranking: C

Hockey Am (1) Ranking: B
Uptown Skift (2) Ranking: B
It Ain’t Me (3) Ranking: D
Geting Akema (4) Ranking: D
Sultan Norrgård (5) Ranking: C
Sjaman (6) Ranking: D
Runkeeper M.J. (7) Ranking: D
Kahnawake (8) Ranking: D
Ville Turf (9) Ranking: D
Husar Brick (10) Ranking: B
Scary Montreal (11) Ranking: B
Delfo Nobel (12) Ranking: B

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