Sweden: Jägersro V4 16.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Jägersro.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
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Seattle Mews (1) Ranking: D
Todays Pal (2) Ranking: D
Jakiro Mearas (3) Ranking: A
King Oliver (4) Ranking: D
Silpinge Superb (5) Ranking: C
Top Lloyd (6) Ranking: D
Kovi Stream (7) Ranking: A
Akal Face (8) Ranking: C
Baywatch (9) Ranking: C
Cash on Line (10) Ranking: D

Honey’s Angel (1) Ranking: C
Vanquish (2) Ranking: D
Blue Star (3) Ranking: D
Västerbo M.A.S.H. (4) Ranking: B
Justin D.K. (5) Ranking: B
Ciao Brodde (6) Ranking: A
Brother Michael (7) Ranking: C
Jessica Sisu (8) Ranking: D
Spring Wow (9) Ranking: B
Crypto Currency (10) Ranking: D

Nocturnally (1) Ranking: D
Sobel Caviar (2) Ranking: C
Escobar Fi (3) Ranking: C
Esperanza S.S.G. (4) Ranking: B
Rizzi Brodda (5) Ranking: C
Carlitos Venere (6) Ranking: D
Flirting Diamond (7) Ranking: B
LaFerrari Dimanche (8) Ranking: D
Canali (9) Ranking:
Aramis Face (10) Ranking: B
Deal Done Zet (11) Ranking: B

Raoel Attack (1) Ranking: D
Eddie Shadow (2) Ranking: B
Ilibili (3) Ranking:
Cissi af Solnäs (4) Ranking: C
Hilding Tif (5) Ranking: A
Filur Då (6) Ranking: D
Place Royal (7) Ranking: B
Diesel D.K. (8) Ranking: B
Orkan All Over (9) Ranking: D
Eistee Bakkely (10) Ranking: D
Dynamica Wise (11) Ranking: D