Sweden: Xpress V86 17.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Xpress V86 Åby and Solvalla.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
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King of Greenwood (1) Ranking: A
Souvenir d’Inverne (2) Ranking: D
Special Major (3) Ranking: C
Innovation Love (4) Ranking: B
Tour Eiffel (5) Ranking: B
Randemar R.D. (6) Ranking: C
Midnight Special (7) Ranking:
Delight Classic (8) Ranking: B

Wille’s Shaman (1) Ranking: B
Neo (2) Ranking: D
Cersei Gene (3) Ranking: D
Yuvraj (4) Ranking: D
G.K.Xit (5) Ranking: D
Kelly Smartface (6) Ranking: A
Can Can Broline (7) Ranking: B
Teton Lindraj (8) Ranking: C
Bee Frank Frö (9) Ranking: D
You to Xlnt (10) Ranking: C
Solo Traveler (11) Ranking: C
Pippi Tooma (12) Ranking: D

Dencos Miss Caruso (1) Ranking: C
Provence Decoy (2) Ranking: C
Eleven O’Clock (3) Ranking: C
Toni Barosso (4) Ranking:
Maldini Pellini (5) Ranking: S
Bellevue (6) Ranking: C
Ice Hearth (7) Ranking: D
Hamilton L.C. (8) Ranking:
Xante Töll (9) Ranking: D
Tornado O.C. (10) Ranking:
U.S.Traders (11) Ranking:
Global Empress (12) Ranking: B

Fat Bottomed Girl (1) Ranking: D
Jolene du Nord (2) Ranking: D
Pärlan Tooma (3) Ranking: C
Outboard Display (4) Ranking: B
Relevant Stride (5) Ranking: S
Digital Chip (6) Ranking: D
Epsom Kronos (7) Ranking: C
S.Schwarz (8) Ranking: D
Ready for Take Off (9) Ranking: D
The Black Box (10) Ranking: D
Sandy at the Beach (11) Ranking: D
My True Prince (12) Ranking: D

Special Topsecret (1) Ranking: D
Moses Boko (2) Ranking: A
Iwan Boko (3) Ranking: D
Izor Sisu (4) Ranking: C
Kadabra Dream (5) Ranking: D
Deejay Bar (6) Ranking: A
Mysterious Lucifer (7) Ranking:
Tuppen (8) Ranking: B
Farfars Dream (9) Ranking: D
Wingait Henke (10) Ranking: D

Simb Trishia (1) Ranking: C
Chaebol (2) Ranking: D
Never to Young (3) Ranking: B
G.K.Alouette (4) Ranking: D
M.T.Ravishing (5) Ranking: D
Isabelle Sisu (6) Ranking: B
Thelma M.M. (7) Ranking: D
Precious Thing (8) Ranking: D
Flavienne Lascaux (9) Ranking: D
Vilja T.Y.C. (10) Ranking: B
Biscaia (11) Ranking: D
Future Sox (12) Ranking: B
Beawinner (13) Ranking: D
Crazy Life (14) Ranking: C
Wilda Knight (15) Ranking: D

Stepping Moneygirl (1) Ranking: C
Entrance (2) Ranking: D
Honey Dun Girl (3) Ranking: C
Galina Diamond (4) Ranking: C
Random Tile (5) Ranking:
Heide (6) Ranking:
Elettra Robin (7) Ranking: B
Eva Kant Gar (8) Ranking: B
Rouge Tile (9) Ranking: B
Vicky Montoya (10) Ranking: B
Tui Southwind (11) Ranking: C
Edmystica (12) Ranking:

Fruit Costashorta (1) Ranking: D
Zazu (2) Ranking: C
Conrads Palle (3) Ranking: B
Lilly Avant (4) Ranking: C
Pay Me (5) Ranking: C
My Honky Tonk Man (6) Ranking: C
Valnes New Love (7) Ranking: C
Makian Degato (8) Ranking: C
Solkattens Star (9) Ranking:
Egon Vendil (10) Ranking: C
Mister Jupiter (11) Ranking: B
Starstrucked (12) Ranking: D